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Our Love/Hate with Social Media

Some days you are the queen of selfies on Insta, and other days you cry looking at Kylie Jenner’s profile while eating Nutella. Lots of us love checking our social media feeds every day, but also hate how connected we are on our bad days. Below describes the times we love and hate our different presences online.

Instagram <3:

We look so cute this weekend! Share. And look at all the puppy pictures. #adorable

Instagram </3:

Why is everyone so much prettier than I am?  How does Kylie Jenner look like that? I follow Fitspiration and GoodEats but I haven’t run in 6 months and I can’t cook. 

Facebook <3:

Look at my cousin’s new baby–I’m so glad my family and I are all friends on here. When I only see distant relatives and high school friends once or twice a year, this is a great place to keep them updated.

Facebook </3:

So much judgment everywhere. My aunt called my mom and said I wore a crop top in public. Now what do I do? If I un-friend her I’m 90% sure she will not sit with me at Thanksgiving dinner. And a really weird amount of my friends from high school are getting married? That makes me nervous….OH MY IS THAT A BABY IN THE OLD HOMECOMING QUEEN’S ARMS? NO!

Twitter <3:

Wow look at all the news. So much is going on in the world that’s amazing and I can easily learn about it by scrolling. Everyone is so funny and up to date here. 

Twitter </3:

Okay news and humor don’t mix well. Everyone is offending everyone. Jump ship….and unfollow that one guy that tweets every meal he has on the way.

LinkedIn <3:

It’s a fun way to stay connected with people professionally, build my network, and make sure I have all possible opportunities to secure the right job for myself.

LinkedIn </3:

It’s a place for me to click on the “connect” button repeatedly, boost my ego, and call it “work.”

Love Wins <3:

We all know we won’t stop using these sites. Partially because our social lives are intimately linked with the internet now, but also because….KITTENS.

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