My Chemical Romance Announced a Reunion Show & We’re Not Okay

In 2013, My Chemical Romance, the beloved emo/pop punk band, released a tragic announcement stating that the band was no more. Fans around the world mourned their loss, devastated to hear that a band so important to them would no longer make music together. Each member of the band went on to release their own music, but fans continued to hope for their favorite band to play together again. After six long years, these hopes have come to fruition; the band announced the date of a reunion concert on Halloween night. The tickets sold out almost immediately when they went on sale the next day. As of this moment, the band has also announced appearances at the Download Festival in Japan and Australia and a New Zealand concert with Jimmy Eat World, Midnight Youth and Miss June. MCR expressed their surprise on Instagram over the overwhelmingly positive response to their news. We don’t know if these tour dates promise new music from MCR, but we can only hope they do.

Gif by aestheticartlovers via Tumblr

My Chemical Romance has been a staple of emo playlists for years, and the group has legions of fans from the ages of 15 to 34. After forming in 2001 and breaking onto the scene with anthemic songs such as “Teenagers" and “Helena (So Long & Good Night),” they continue to appeal to adolescent angst with their dramatic lyrics and screaming vocals. Members of the affectionately dubbed “bandom” consider MCR to be a part of the Emo Holy Trinity alongside Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco. Like the two other bands, My Chemical Romance has the impressive quality that allows fans to relate to their music regardless of the fact it came out years ago. I, for example, discovered MCR when I was in eighth grade, 13 years after the band’s formation; my friends in high school wholeheartedly pledged themselves as fans despite how the music is not necessarily “contemporary.” My Chemical Romance’s songs provided a soundtrack to many of my rides to school and times spent with friends, and as a fan, I am excited to know what else might be coming.

Photo by favoritelittlelyrics via Tumblr