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Name: Michael Good

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio 

Major: Chemistry 

This weeks Campus Cutie is Michael Good, a sophomore here at Pitt. Michael joked he “wasn’t cute enough to be campus cutie”, but I think we can all disagree with that statement.

Her Campus: So, are you involved in any activities at Pitt?

Michael: Not currently but Pitt doesn’t have a juggling club it seems and I think it should so keep your eye out for the Pitt Jiggly Jugglers Juggling Club

There’s a Beyonce club at the school and no juggling? Michael and I are going to work on this issue.

HC: What’s your major?

MG: Technically it’s currently chemistry…

He’s pretty much too smart to decide what to do. He won’t admit it, so I’ll have to brag for him.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10-15 years? 

MG: In 8 years I will begin traveling the world to see its different wonders and observe the different cultures. In 10 years I will have gotten in some dicey situations that are great stories and conversation topics. In 15 I’m resting with a secure job in whichever location around the world I decided was my favorite, working on my novel and planning my interplanetary travels utilizing the advanced spaceships that we’ve designed by now.

HC: A man who knows how to impress I see…so what’s your favorite pick up line?

MG: Are you a ticket? Because you’ve got fine written all over you.

HC: That’s a cute one cute *laughs*. Other than an interplanetary explorer, how would you describe yourself? 

MG: Chill on the outside but constantly stressed on the inside.

I can confirm this.

HC: What does a perfect or at least an attempt at a date sound like to you?

MG: A day at Disneyland or a night walking around Paris would be great, just getting closer with the other person and eating good food and seeing the sites.

HC: That is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. Disney World is pretty magical. I do have to embarrass you a little though. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

MG: Existing probably, but if that’s not an option one moment would have been in seventh grade at a track meet I was doing hurdles and didn’t clear the third one and fell over it and instead of walking off I kept on trying to go and went over the rest but pretty much knocked all the rest down on the way to the finish. I’m sure there are other embarrassing other stories but that one is the best I could think of at the moment. 

I actually laughed out loud when I thought about this and I might go back to this story whenever I need a laugh.

HC: What’s the last song you listened to? And you’re not allowed to cheat, so you can sound cool with your music choices.

MG: Previously Hollaback Yonce (the most important song mash up to exist probably) and currently I Am Not a Robot by Marina and the Diamonds.

HC: God bless Yonce. What’s your biggest turn off?

MG: If they don’t smell appealing, body odor bad breath.

HC: What’s your favorite food?

MG: Pizza and Cheese Fries are my passions.

HC: But the most important question is, what is your Chipotle order?

MG: Burrito with steak or chicken, fajita mix, light brown rice, black beans, corn salsa, cheese and chips and guac.

What a man.

Michael wanted me to include a few important facts about him that he thought were necessary…

  • My favorite toast when drinking is “You may never be as wise as an owl, but you’ll always be a hoot to me.”
  • I saw the dress as Black and Blue
  • I have very great snapchat stories
  • Parks and Recreation ended too soon

Photo Credits: All photos are taken from the cutie’s Facebook. 

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