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Meet Love Your Melon Ambassador Kelli McClintock!

Name: Kelli McClintock

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biology, Minor in Chemistry 

Hometown: Royersford, Pa



Meet sophomore Kelli McClintock, campus representative for Love Your Melon! Kelli gives everything she is involved with her all, and she dedicates her time to the service opportunities she is passionate about. It’s easy to be passionate about service, yet Kelli truly immerses herself in the community and has fun while she’s at it! Love Your Melon, her newest adventure, has become a huge success and has put a smile on cancer patients throughout the nation. Read on to hear more about the heartwarming projects Kelli is involved in! 


Her Campus: What extracurricular activities or organizations are you involved with on campus?

Kelli: am a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon as well as the president of buildOn.  I serve through Jumpstart and have most recently become apart of Love Your Melon.  


HC: How did you first get involved with Love Your Melon?

KM: One of my sorority sisters told me about their mission and I immediately knew that I had to become involved.


HC: Can you tell us a little bit about the mission behind Love Your Melon?

KM: College students originally started Love Your Melon as a non-profit organization that aims to put a hat on every child battling cancer in America.  For every hat bought a hat was given.  That goal was recently reached with over 45,000 hats sold. It is incredible to see how much of an impact the organization has had.  Now, Love Your Melon donates 50% of its net proceeds equally to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer and the Pink Swear Foundation. 


HC: Do you guys have any future plans for promoting the company on Pitt’s campus?

KM: We hope to continue recruiting new members, host sales events on campus, and reach out to local companies and organizations in Pittsburgh to continue to spread the message of Love Your Melon.  


HC: What has been your favorite experience at Pitt?

KM: Definitely some of the overtime wins I have watched in both football and basketball, and particularly Pitt beating Notre Dame in triple overtime last year! 


HC: Any sneak peaks or exclusives you can give us on any new products the company is coming out with? 

KM: Love Your Melon just released really cute baseball style hats, but word on the street is that there will be tank tops, sunglasses, and even luggage being released soon! So keep an eye out for all of that and take a look at the latest products and check out Pitt’s Love Your Melon Facebook page for updates.


HC: How have the organizations you have become involved with—which all have such amazing causes attached to them—impacted what you want to do with your future?

KM: These organizations have completely changed the path for my future.  Like most students who come to Pitt, I thought I was going to pursue medical school and become a doctor but I have quickly realized that is no longer the dream.  After serving first hand in urban communities and third world countries, I hope to pursue a career geared towards service and bridging the education gap.    



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