Meet Jesse Irwin: The Host of Pitt’s First (and only) Late Night Show: Pitt Tonight

Name: Jesse Irwin

Year: Senior

Major: Political Science and Broadcast Journalism 

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Her Campus: What are you involved with on campus?

Jesse Irwin: I’ve had to take a break from some stuff this semester to avoid stretching myself too thin, but I’m a play-by-play announcer for basketball and football WPTS, multimedia reporter for The Pitt News, ACC Replay Official, member of Kappa Sigma, actor, singer, emcee, and (when I have time), an Uber Driver. Most recently, I’m the host and creator of Pitt Tonight – the brand new late night show here at Pitt.

HC: How did Pitt Tonight start?

JI: Late one night in February 2014, I texted my friend (and now one of our head producers) about the idea. Being the supportive friend Mason is, he decided to give it a shot and help me make it happen. Now, through advice and support from so many people over the last two years, and because of the collected grind of 50+ staff members over these last four months, the first episode of Pitt Tonight premieres next week.

HC: What are you most excited about it?

JI: This is it, Abby. This entire team has put everything it has into making Episode 1 as great as it could possibly be. I’ve had a Bar Mitzvah, lost my virginity, and hit a game-winning shot. Right now, nothing compares to what this is going to feel like. Not even reading torah.

HC: What is your hope for the show? (likeeee, after you graduate, blah blah blah)

JI: That it does its best Gloria Gaynor impression and survives. This is something that has the ability to not only provide a training camp for those interested in some sort of a career surrounding TV, but to expose corners of Pitt to one another! Flip cup with a nurse and an athlete? Lip-sync with an engineer and a dean? Battle between a step team and an Indian dance team? This is only the beginning.

HC: How do you stay sane doing so much?

JI: Adderall. No but honestly, I just always put things in perspective. Anytime stress seems like a possibility, I take a step back and laugh about it. Look at how insanely fortunate we are to be where we are. Knowing that alone, we should only do the things we feel really strongly about and love. This is a rule I live by that doesn’t only guarantee happiness, but a dangerously low Russian Fairy Tales grade as well.

HC: What do you do in your (slim) free time?

JI: Shower.

HC: What do you want to do after graduation?

JI: Anything in television. Starting out, I’d love to work for a major network in some capacity or as a media personality in a small media market. At the end of the day, my ultimate goal is to eventually become a late night host. Sort of like Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, or Jimmy Kimmel. But with, yanno, dark hair and white skin.

HC: What’s your Chipotle order?

JI: Worked there for a little, so hang on tight: Tacos (Hard shell inside soft tortillas). One chicken, one steak, one barbacoa. Minimal pinto, corn salsa, and mild. Dab of sour cream, several cattle’s worth of cheese, and one non-transparent, free water cup.

Fun Facts:

 - I share the same birthday with Jimmy Fallon.

 - Growing up, Mr. Rogers was my neighbor.

Photo Credits: provided by the celeb