Meet HC Pitt's New Vice President: Kate McKeaney

Name: Kate McKeaney

Year: Junior

Major: Communication and Film Studies

Hometown: Mount Laurel, NJ

Her Campus: So, tell us a little about how you got involved with Her Campus in the first place.

Kate McKeaney: I joined Her Campus during the spring semester of my sophomore year! I wasn’t interested in joining a sorority and hadn’t found an organization that was a good fit for me yet. I went to the first Her Campus meeting of the new semester and instantly clicked with everyone. I even joined the social media team at that meeting!

HC: What's your favorite type of article to write? Favorite type of thing to write that's not for the site?  

KM: I tend to write more personal articles. I love people and want to share their stories if possible! My first article was called “The Truth About Having a Sibling with a Disability” and is still my favorite to date. I used to write more on my own blog and would write similar pieces, maybe with a little more sarcasm.

HC: What is your favorite thing about the organization? 

KM: My favorite thing about Her Campus is the diverse women in our chapter. I have had the opportunity to meet incredible people who I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. Everyone is so welcoming, strong and kind. Her Campus brought me out of my shell, and I hope it does the same for others.

HC: What are some of your goals as future VP of Her Campus Pitt? 

KM:  As VP of Her Campus Pitt I would like to take member bonding further. This might entail running larger events on campus or simply grabbing lunch more frequently with the members. Her Campus is not just for writing; it is a window to connections and friendship. I want to encourage our shyer members to take the leap and write the article they’ve been too afraid to all semester. I want Her Campus to be an organization at Pitt where college-aged women go to find their people.

HC: What is something that our readers might not know about you?  

KM: I’m a pretty open book, especially when I’m in my comfort zone! One place I want to travel to that is on the top of my list is Banff in Canada. My parents went a few years ago, and Lake Louise in particular absolutely stole my heart.

HC: What are your summer plans? 

KM: I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend my summer in Pittsburgh. I will be working as a Marketing and Communications Summer Associate at Children’s Hospital of UPMC. I also plan on using my free time to explore Pittsburgh before I *gulp* graduate.

HC: What are three things you HAVE to accomplish before you graduate Pitt? 

KM: I’ve been fortunate to have already gotten to the top floor of the Cathedral of Learning, which was my top must-do for a while. I want to go on a real South Side bar crawl, get on Heinz Field and rent a bike from Healthy Ride and travel all around the city for a day.

HC: Finally, let's tell your fellow Pitt peers three things very important to them:

1)    Antoon's or Sorrentos?

Antoon’s—but only with ranch!

2)    Favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh?

This one is tough, and I still have a LOT to try. Primanti’s is a classic, though. I go there about once a week for my bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Primanti’s is also what made me like coleslaw!

3)    Favorite Pittsburgh sports team?

The Pitt Panthers! Other than them, I’m still a Philly girl at heart, though I'll never get over the views at Heinz Field and PNC Park.


Photo Credit: All photos are Kate McKeaney's