Meet Cathy Of The Oakland Zoo

Name: The Oakland Zoo’s Cathedral of Learning (@ZooCathy

Major: Undecided

Year: Been attending since 1926

Hometown: Oakland, PA

Her Campus: So why did Cathy decide to start making appearances in the Oakland Zoo?

Oakland Zoo’s Cathy: I lost a bet to Jamie Dixon. 

HC: What are Cathy’s hopes and predictions for this season?

OZC: Hopes to remain structurally sound in the Oakland Zoo. Predictions: we'll see some victory lights up.

HC: Does Cathy have a favorite basketball player?

OZC: Shaquille O’neal because Cathy enjoys a cold one too.

HC: Who’s Cathy’s favorite team for Pitt to play?  

OZC: Syracuse because I like my oranges peeled.

Watch Cathy Embarrass 'Cuse Fans   

HC: What does Cathy do when she’s not at the Zoo?

OZC: Watch crows roost by the 100’s.

HC: Why does Cathy hail to Pitt?

OZC: Cause Pitt is lit. 


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