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Madoc Smith ’18

Name: Madoc Smith

Year: Freshman

Major: EMU (English, Math, Urban Studies)

Hometown: Etters, Pennsylvania


Her Campus: Triple majoring is quite a feat. What made you decide to tackle three majors?

Madoc Smith: I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to do because I love a variety of subjects, and I feel like I can accomplish anything and everything with three very unrelated majors.

HC: With three majors, do you have time to be involved in anything else? What organizations are you involved in on campus?

MS: Yeah, I make time. I’m involved in Sprocket Guild, Project Potter, Hip Hop Dance Club, WPTS Radio, Red Eye Theater Project, Pitt Dance Marathon, and I’m an RSA floor representative.

HC: Wow, that’s a lot to be involved in for your freshman year. How did you get involved in all these clubs?

MS: I just went to the activities fair and got on all of the email lists that I could.

HC: Which one would you say you are most passionate about?

MS: Definitely Sprocket Guild. It’s probably the most creative outlet out of all of them because I get to write (which I never really got to do before), act, which is super fun, and this semester, I get to edit the videos.

HC: What is Sprocket Guild exactly?

MS: It’s a video making club based on the idea that a sprocket is a small part of the machine that does a lot of work, so all of the little sprockets (writing, editing, acting) come together to form a “guild” that makes online films.

HC: What would you say your favorite memory as a freshman has been this year?

MS: Playing “baby new year” in the red-eye theater production this semester. We put on the production from start to finish in one day, including the auditions and the writing process. It was really funny because on the application for the play,  they asked me if I would mind appearing in my underwear and I said that I wouldn’t mind because I didn’t think they were actually being serious—and then, surprise, they put me in a diaper for the performance!

HC: What advice would you give incoming freshman now that you have accomplished your first semester of college?

MS: Take time to step back and plan everything out, because its easy drown trying to do everything at once.


Image Credit: Photo provided by celeb

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