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Little Things that Make a Pitt Student’s Week the Best

From the freezing temperatures and snow to midterms, life for a Pitt student can be pretty rough. Luckily, there are great things that happen to us throughout the week that make up for bad stuff. Hopefully some of these things will happen to you!


You wake up and look outside to see…

It’s actually not snowing or raining. NO PRECIPITATION IS FALLING?

And even better, the sun is shining!



When your parents…

Text you to say that they put money into your account without you asking.

Come to visit and they fully stock your fridge and take you out to dinner at a fancy, delicious restaurant.


When on the 10A…

And you make it to the stop at EXACTLY the right moment without having to run down the street looking like a fool.

And it’s NOT the bus driver who always asks everyone for their ID.

You make your way to a seat, and you get a whole row to yourself for the whole ride. SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!


When class….

Has an exam at the end of the week, but your teacher decides to push it back out of the kindness of their heart.

Gets out early! Some teachers say they are going to let you out early, and it ends up only being about 5 minutes early – what’s even the point? But some days there’s the glorious experience of a teacher letting you out 20+ minutes early. YOU’RE FREE!

Or even better, class is CANCELLED! 


When you’re at Hillman and …

No one around you is eating strong smelling food.

You accomplish the perfect balance of getting sidetracked with friends and getting sh*t done.  You take breaks to chat, laugh, and get snacks, and you also get all of the work you planned to get done finished!

And you leave at a reasonable hour (rather than the usual 2 a.m. zombie, half asleep walk home).


You get to the gym…

And the machine you love is open.

You’re feeling good, and you end up burning even more calories than you expected.

And that cutie that’s always there sees you killing it.


When in Market…

First of all, if you’re a senior or someone without a meal plan and someone offers to swipe you in.

You found a table, and now you’re going to get food; while waiting in line you realize that the fries are basically gone, BUT just as it’s your turn, new fries come out!


Last stop is dessert; you head over to the ice cream, and there are only good flavors. Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, and Rocky Road. The absolutely perfect way to finish a heavenly meal.


When the week is over and you’re ready to go out…

And you and your friends have an amazing party planned to go to.

While you’re there, you end up meeting someone cute you talk to the whole night.

And the DJ plays your jams all night. 

After going out you drunk eat, but you don’t eat that much of it so you still feel good about yourself in the morning. Some nights you just have to eat an entire pizza. Other nights you only eat a piece or two and wake up feeling proud of your strong-will. Proud of you.

Hopefully some of these great things happen to you this week; if not then go ahead and eat the whole pizza yourself. You deserve it! xx

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University of Pittsburgh senior
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