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Life Overseas Pt. 2

I’m finally in London.

While initially, I was so nervous I couldn’t focus on anything else, the minute I arrived, I fell in love. I can’t wait to spend the next three and a half months here. So far I’ve seen Big Ben and the Paralympics on a big screen in Trafalgar Square. I’ve also walked through Kensington Park and today, we had high tea.

I’m noticing some huge differences between London and the US, beside the fact that they drive on the other side of the road (which has almost caused quite a few American casualties in the last two days).
For example, most of their money is in the form of coins. It’s great because, how awesome is it to be able to pay for a whole meal in change? We’ve been conditioned through uselessness of coins to feel like we hardly spent anything. On the other hand, lugging a handful of heavy coins around is not ideal. They end up lost and, more often than not, you leave £10 (~$16) at home because it’s simply an inconvenience. I definitely need to get a better change purse.

I’ve also noticed that they drive extremely fast and close together. It’s not like New York, though, because it’s not hectic or dangerous driving. Maybe it’s because all of the cars are manual and slowing down is a pain. Whatever the case, it seems to work (although, referring back to point one getting used to looking the other way with fast drivers doesn’t leave much room for inevitable mistakes.)

I’ve also noticed that, at least where I am staying (which is Earl’s Court in Kensington and Chelsea), everyone is very well dressed. I can’t say that I’ve seen more than one or two pairs of sweats, or even jeans for that matter. Everyone on the streets looks very well put together. Speaking of put together, the streets are immaculate. I have yet to see a garbage can on the street, yet there is not one piece of litter. Walking through Kensington Park was like walking through a movie set. It was pristine and the grass was absolutely picturesque. In a city as crowded as London, it’s amazing how tidy it is.

Overall, I’m loving it here and I’ll keep you posted on all of the quirks. :)  

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