Josh Davis '16

If his dazzling set of pearly whites isn’t enough to win you over, just wait until you get a taste of his even more dazzling personality!  Meet Josh Davis, a junior at the University of Pittsburgh with an ambitious future…one that might make his ideal date a reality for his lucky lady!  Take notes fellas- this guy knows the key to any girl’s heart!

Year: Junior

Major: Politics & Philosophy with hopes to eventually work in health law along with pursuing his interests in fiction writing.

Relationship Status: Single (get at him ladies!)


HC: What activities are you involved in on campus?

JD: I am the Vice President of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, an intern for Emerging Leaders Program, and a member of the Student Government Board’s Governmental Relations Committee.

HC: What do you look for in a girl?

JD: My ideal woman is someone direct and independent.  She’d have a sense of humor similar to mine: sarcastic without taking herself too seriously.  Someone who doesn’t care about eating a Fathead’s sandwich in front of me or admitting to spending an entire day watching a show on Netflix without moving.  And she likes to smile.  I like smiles.

HC: What about an ideal first date?

JD: We’d obviously start in Pittsburgh, maybe take the incline up to Mt. Washington to eat an appetizer and entrée at the Le Mont, enjoying the Pittsburgh cityscape.  Then, of course, the helicopter is waiting outside to take us to a private jet where the seats are massage chairs and dessert will be served: Fuel and Fuddle’s big ass brownie.  The jet will take us anywhere in the world where her favorite band or artist is playing and we will go see the show from backstage and hang out with them afterwards.  At night, we’ll have the jet take us somewhere in the world where it’s still day so the date doesn’t have to end quite yet and the adventures can continue.

HC: Best pick-up line!

JD: I seem to have lost my number.  Can I have yours?


Image Credit: Photo taken from Josh's Facebook.