It's Time to Welcome Even More Stranger Things

By: Anne Panciera

It was a boring, typical Wednesday morning. I had a test soon and was panicking as I crammed all I could into my brain before the doomful hour. However, sitting beside my laptop, my phone beckoned to me and gave off some invisible aura that told me there was something I needed to see. So I gave in, opened Twitter, and lo and behold—the new Stranger Things 3 trailer had dropped. Watch the Trailer here! It’s too bad that I was sitting in a public place because I most definitely let out a squeal or two…and probably had a look on my face that made those around me think, this girl is crazy. Oh well! (*mouth breathing*)

I really don’t think there is a better use for this gif than this moment.

It really is happening! The time is upon us! Stranger Things season three is near. Don’t freak out on me, and I’ll try not to freak out on you. Let’s break down some of my favorite moments of the trailer.

1. Goodbye Kids, Hello Teenagers

The first thing that’s immediately noticeable—and also the most heartbreaking, but it’s fine, I’m fine—is that our children are no longer children. Mike even goes so far to explicitly say it himself, “we’re not kids anymore.” The fact that our main characters are now older will signal a dramatic turn in the manner of storytelling we have known. So far, we’ve only known the main crew as kids, so in a way, we are about to meet whole new characters leading completely new lifestyles. Mike says, “I mean, what did you think? We’re just going to sit in my basement all day? Play games for the rest of our lives?” Nope, new shenanigans seem to be in store.

2. Hopper and Joyce

Do I see hints at a Hopper and Joyce relationship? I think I do! We see Hopper sitting at a fancy dinner table by himself which sets the scene of a date. Considering the hints at the pairing of Hopper and Joyce in previous seasons, I think it’s safe to assume that a certain ship might be sailing this season. We also hear Hopper supposedly say to Joyce, “I want you to feel like this can still be your home.” In the previous season, we heard Joyce speak about the possibility of leaving Hawkins. This might be a smart idea from Joyce as she considers the safety of her family, but letting the close knit group we love so much be torn apart is not something Hopper will let happen easily.

3. Eleven and Max

These two are already serving us the friendship we deserve. In the trailer, we see them spend quality time together, something that is a far cry from their relationship in Stranger Things 2 where the pair didn’t get off on the best foot due to Eleven’s jealousy of Max. However, it looks like they have overcome their differences, and the show might finally have a strong female friendship: something it previously lacked. I’m ready to place bets that it will snatch all our wigs. I was ready for them to own my heart as soon as I saw them giggling over those ice cream cones.

4. Ahoy

Steve’s new job outfit. That’s all.

5. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

My favorite part of the trailer was a shot near the end showing almost the whole ensemble together. My favorite thing about Stranger Things is the pure love the characters have for each other and the sense of teamwork that they bring into everything they do. My least favorite part of season two, while I still adored it, was the fact that that sense of teamwork and comradery we had in season one was lost. This shot shows unites virtually all of our characters and shows us that they will be facing the dangers of season three together; it won’t rest on any single person’s shoulders. Cue High School Musical because we’re all in this together—as it should be!

July 4th can’t come soon enough! I’m ready to fight demogorgons with Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Will, Lucas, Nancy, Jonathan and Steve….are you?


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