An Inside Look into the Men’s Basketball Managers

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a manager of a collegiate sports team? I got to ask one of them myself!

Name: Logan Kready

Year: Sophomore

Major: Finance and Accounting

Minors & Certificates: Minor in Economics and Certificate in International Business

Her Campus: What is your position with the Men’s Basketball Team?

Logan Kready: I am one of the managers for the Men’s Basketball Team here at the University of Pittsburgh.

HC: How did you get that position?

LK: As an incoming freshman, I emailed the head coach of the Men’s Basketball Team expressing my interest in basketball and becoming a manager. I was then given the opportunity to interview with the head of basketball operations and eventually qualified for the job.

HC: How many basketball managers are there?

LK: There are currently 11 basketball managers on the team.

HC: What are the responsibilities of your position?

LK: As a manager of the Men’s Basketball Team I have a variety of responsibilities. First and foremost, I attend to all the needs of both the players and coaches. I also tend to help with filming, setting up equipment for practice and game days (which includes cutting the oranges for some pre-game nutrition), and providing assistance for players who need help working out or warming up.

HC: What do you consider the best parts of your job?

LK: The best part of my job is developing relationships with the players. These are some of the best athletes on campus, and it is pretty cool being able to interact with them on a daily basis. I also enjoy seeing the progress made by a player, as a result of helping him in the gym after hours. I am truly amazed with the motivation and determination of the players to be great and improve at every opportunity, along with their audacity to be respectful and considerate toward others.

HC: What are the difficulties?

LK: I think the biggest difficulty I face as a manager is the time commitment of the job. At any moment, outside practice and game days, a player may need someone to help with a workout, or a coach may need a task to be taken care of. I am responsible for being able to attend to these requests to the best of my ability, even when I may not have any extra time. 

HC: What has been your favorite moment (so far)?

LK: My favorite moment so far as a manager has been experiencing the home win against Duke last year. The environment at the game was unbelievable; the stands were completely filled, and the crowd’s intensity was amazing. It was awesome seeing all the hard work pay off with a win against a ranked Duke team, and I felt privileged to be able to relive the moment with the players.

HC: Any advice you can give to someone who’d like to apply for a manager position of a Pitt sports team?

LK: The only advice I can really give is, if you want to become a manager of a Pitt sport’s team you have to be persistent, express your passion for the sport, and show you are willing to sacrifice your own time to benefit the team as a whole. Usually, those three things are good enough to get you a position.


You can check out the Men’s Basketball Team this Friday, November 11th at 7 p.m. as they take on the Eastern Michigan Eagles!


Photo Credit: Both pictures are used with permission of Logan