I Finally Tried Out Glossier and Here’s What I Thought

I am a makeup connoisseur. Name a brand of makeup and there’s a 95% chance that I have tried it out. It’s truly an addiction. So, when Glossier continued to pop up on my timeline day after day, I practically HAD to try it out. I placed a hefty order of some of their best-known products; some of which I’ve already gone through!


Balm Dotcom

This product confused me at first, I’m not going to lie. It’s marketed as a “universal skin salve” but I wasn’t entirely sure what I would end up using it as. Despite my confusion, they were running a deal if you bought three Balm Dotcoms so naturally, I had to do it. I got birthday cake which is colorless, mango with an orange tint, and rose featuring a pink tint.

Surprisingly, this is probably my favorite product with mango being my favorite flavor. I use it as a lip balm to give myself a little tint or on my cheeks when I’m not in the mood to use full-on blush.

(Photo by Author)


Clear Lip Gloss

Oddly enough, despite my extensive makeup collection, I do not own a completely clear lip gloss. All of mine have some kind of tint or glitter. Their lip gloss seems to be everyone’s favorite so I gave it a shot.

The gloss is super shiny and gives your lips a look that people will notice without adding a ton of color. It’s an easy swipe on before class kind of look. It even stayed shiny for most of my day! The only downside is that the formula is a bit sticky for my taste but this went away with time.

(Photo by Author)


Boy Brow

I’m not huge on brow products since mine are a little on the thick side to begin with. However, this was marketed as a grooming product so I figured it could help. I got mine in clear to use as more of a gel than a tint.

This pomade ended up working well for me. It only took a swipe or two get my brows where I wanted them. Even though it did the job, I’ve purchased drugstore versions of this that are just as effective.

(Photo by Unknown via Amazon)


Cloud Paint

Blush isn’t really one of my most-used beauty products but this one, marketed as super user-friendly, intrigued me. I got mine in the shade Beam, which is a soft peach.

This blush held up to its word; it was super easy to apply and gave me a nice pop of color.

(Photo by Unknown via Amazon)


Invisible Shield

Skin care is a must for me, especially during the summer when my skin tends to burn. I’ve tried and been disappointed by many facial sunscreens before so I was a little nervous to try out this one.

To my surprise, this was my go-to all summer! The formula is super lightweight so you can still feel like you have a bare face or even wear it over foundation. It still protected my skin from the sun while keeping it hydrated and dewy. I went through the entire thing and plan to re-purchase!

(Photo by Unknown via London Loves Beauty)