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How To Throw The Best Friendsgiving Ever

Thanksgiving is the best holiday for so many reasons: great food, a short break from school, relaxing at home and reuniting with family. However, the prerequisite to Thanksgiving is usually Friendsgiving, the lovely holiday celebration with your friends where you get together, eat food, and enjoy each other’s company! As a seasoned Friendsgiving participant and host, here are some of my easy tips to make your Friendsgiving a success!

Have some Fun Décor

The first step to having a successful Friendsgiving is the decorating! You don’t have to spend much money on decorations or anything, but dressing your place up a bit doesn’t hurt! We bought our banner at Target, and any other decorations we have are homemade. So while going all out on decorations for Friendsgiving (like this) could be fun…


…I think our Target banner works just fine (and look at how cute my roommates are!)


Make it a Potluck

You definitely don’t need to make all of your Friendsgiving food by yourself. Whether it’s just a celebration with your roommates or you have fifteen friends coming over, there is no need to prepare all of the food on your own. Ask everyone to bring one thing, and make sure they tell you what it is so you don’t end up with four apple pies and no mashed potatoes.


And Friendsgiving doesn’t have to look as beautiful as this! Ours looked like this last year:


And it was delicious.


Have some Activities


Sometimes it’s nice to embrace your inner child. Draw hand turkeys, paint some pumpkins or play a drinking game with a Thanksgiving-themed episode of a show. Which brings me to my next point:


Watch a fun Thanksgiving-themed Episode of a Show!


Congratulations! You’re ready to have your very own Friendsgiving celebration! Enjoy spending some quality time with your friends, roommates, or whoever you have your Friendsgiving festivities with!


Photo Credits: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8; pictures 3 and 5 are author’s own

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