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How to Style Basic T-Shirts

Our closets are full of basic cheap t-shirts from clubs, concerts, freebies, the list goes on… and we should be wearing them! They are super comfortable and display a good image of what you are involved in or what interests you. Yes, they are usually not the most flattering and may be considered lazy day attire, but there are ways to make them look awesome.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Throwing on a cardigan, open jacket, or kimono will add personal style, and the design/graphic of the shirt is still visible! From my experience, I’ve noticed that if the shirt has a lower neck or V-neck, cardigans work better to create an outfit. If it is a regular high-neckline t-shirt, open flannels are a great option.

Cut and Tie

Completely changing the shape of the shirt will design a whole new look! There are so many ways to cut up a shirt in order to create more shape. The most popular way is to cut off the sleeves or cut the neckline into a v-neck. In this picture, you simply cut off the sleeves and make large armholes. Cut the back of the shirt with vertical slits about an inch apart. Then, weave the pieces over the piece below it.  The bottom piece you cut, knot, and hide underneath. You do the same process again, except you twist the piece once before weaving it underneath. Cut and knot and you’re set!  (Detailed video here)


There are many types of bracelets and earrings that go with even the ugliest t-shirt. Accessories can really make a difference, because they make you look polished and unique even with just a simple t-shirt. Also, accessories prove that you put some time into your outfit and didn’t just roll out of bed. With the right scarf, necklace, or bag, you can dress up a t-shirt in any way you want!


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