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How to Dress for your Chest and Accentuate Your Girls

Boobs. They’re everywhere. As Julia Roberts says in Notting Hill, “seriously, they’re just breasts. Every second person in the world has them.” But somehow, they’re incredibly hard to dress. Whether you have small boobs or big boobs, I’m gonna give you some tips as to how to highlight and accentuate your girls.


How to Dress with Small Boobs

Get excited ladies, you guys can rock everything backless. Having small boobs allows you to get away with all of the awesome backless and strapless styles! So go ahead and work those styles that don’t require a bra. Another style that looks great on girls with small chests is high necklines. Find tops that show off your shoulders and collarbone to highlight your upper half.

Also, take advantage of bralettes! Showing lingerie under clothes is no longer faux-pas so let that lacy new bralettes peak out from under your shirt. It can be an incredibly sexy way to bring attention to your boobs. Another good way to bring attention to your boobs is by adding color, patterns, ruffles, and textures to your tops. Color and pattern can give the illusion of bigger boobs.

As for bottoms, a boot cut pant can actually be very flattering. It can enhance your curves while also highlighting your figure. If you need a business casual look, boot cut suit pants with a loose shirt can be very flattering to smaller chests. Since we’re coming up on spring break season, it’s time for bathing suits! Find suits that have ruffles and colors as well to bring attention to your chest. Also, make sure your bra fits as well. Having an improper bra size can cause discomfort and hinder how your boobs look. So don’t be afraid to have your bra size measured by a professional.


How to Dress with Big Boobs

Ah, big boobs. They can be quite the struggle. As someone with a 36 DDD chest, I understand all the large chested ladies out there. While there are days I love my chest, there are other days I want to have my bathing suit shopping take less than 12 hours. The biggest secret to dressing big boobs is to have confidence! This article by Elle talks about how to dress with big boobs and different women’s experiences. The biggest take away is that we all need to dress for our chest size. Find clothes that accent your chest instead of trying to cram your boobs into too-small clothes. A simple way to do that is to accent your middle with high waisted jeans. These will highlight your butt and give your body a clear shape. A main problem that I always have with big boobs is buying oversized shirts so that my boobs won’t pull at the fabric. But this hides my waist and doesn’t really do wonders for my figure. A top tucked into high waisted jeans with a strategic belt will flatter your top and bottom halves.

Another key to dressing with big boobs is the correct bra. This is crucial for comfort and style. A good bra can also make styles like higher necklines and patterned tops possible. Remember, you are not defined by your size. The fashion industry is slowly becoming more accepting to different sizes so don’t be afraid to experiment! I know that I feel my best in patterned dresses in the summer because I love how they look against my skin. You can wear whatever you want with a good bra and smart accessories. For example, in this next picture, I love how she paired a floral dress with a leather jacket. It accents her waist and allows her to wear a fun dress.

So as a basic rule of thumb, darker colors will minimize a larger chest and brighter colors will enhance a small chest. Form fitting styles can look good on anyone with the right neckline, strap size, and type of bottoms. But remember, these are all guidelines. There’s so much more flexibility in fashion and we have a long way to go. Campaigns like Aerie Real show that more companies are starting to acknowledge the diversity in woman’s sizes. So embrace it! Wear what makes you feel comfortable and your best.


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