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How Did You Meet Your SO? (HC Pitt Version)

As “cuffing season” begins, we at HC Pitt decided to put our heads together and share how we met our SO’s. Here are a few of our members’ love stories: from high school sweethearts to slices of pizza. Enjoy!

Delaney: We lived on the same floor our first year. We became really good friends, but we were both with people we dated in high school. By that summer we had both broken up with our exes and were dating by the start of sophomore year. We’ve now been together for a year!

Macy: I met him in my very first class my freshman year of high school. Love at first sight for me, but took him a little longer…

Hannah A: The day I moved in I ended up hanging out with some people on my floor. One of them introduced me to her friend from home (my bf). He was super cute and silly and kept trying to talk to me and flirt with me but I kept shutting it down. I low-key had a crush, but I was dating someone else at the time so I didn’t do anything. Around Halloween my ex and I broke up, and when second semester started I friended my current bf on Facebook (I remembered his name because his last name is my first name). I liked a few of his pictures so he would message me because I wasn’t quite forward enough to message him myself. He remembered me and messaged me and the rest is history. A year and eight months later and still going strong!

Elaine: I forced friendship upon Giulia and now she’s my best friend…who needs a man when you got a BFF??? #all #the #single #ladies #amirite?

Sarah: We met freshmen year during astronomy class. I had just broken up with my high school boyfriend so we were just friends, but apparently he liked me the whole time. We didn’t really text; we played Words with Friends and used that chat instead! At the very end of the spring semester, Andy asked me on a few dates. Literally a week before the year ended he asked me to be his girlfriend. The first summer was hard because we lived eight hours apart, but it was worth it! We are still going strong and it’s senior year :)

Hannah F: So I met my boyfriend on Tinder. We matched, he messaged me (when he was drunk, I later found out), and a few days later he asked me out on a date. I said yes but then chickened out at the last minute and said I had other plans. A week later he asked me out again, and I built up the courage to actually go that time. We clicked right away, and I’m so glad he decided to be persistent. It’s been a year since that first date!

Casey: My boyfriend and I went to the same high school but we weren’t even friends then, we just knew of each other. When I got to Pitt I was terrified because I didn’t know anyone, so I asked around and got his number and asked him to go to a movie on the lawn with me. After that, he started reaching out to me about once a month (fast blossoming romance clearly) to get dinner at Market and catch up. Then during finals week, we went to Phipps and then did a movie night where we watched Christmas movies. We wound up staying up way, way past when we meant to, so not wanting to walk back up the hill in the freezing cold at like 4 a.m., I spent the night. The rest is history…

Jess: I walked into Pizza Hut and there she was…the Veggie Supreme with extra cheese –  so fine.

Ashleigh: We went to the same high school and were in the same friend group but never dated. He came to my house before a football game and I called him trash by telling him he belonged in the dumpster (my way of flirting). We went to another football game together and held hands for the first time. Then, he came over on Halloween and we kissed for the first time, and I said he tasted like peach vodka and I hated it (again, this was my way of showing affection). We’ve been together for about a year now and he’s still dealing with my bratty comments!

Katharine: It was supposed to be a casual thing; they fell in love with my charm. Enough said :)

Katie: We met on Tinder, intending to just have a casual hookup. When we met up though, we immediately clicked. What started as a random hookup has turned into a two-year relationship!


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