How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?

In society today, a lot of people talk about how they met their significant other online, whether it is through Facebook, a dating site, or Tinder. I don’t know about you, but I think a good old fashioned story about how people met in person is nice. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy stories about how two people were going for a Tinder hookup and they realized they wanted more than just sex out of the relationship as much as the next guy, but I also enjoy reading about how someone saw their girlfriend from across a bar and it was the most magical moment of their life; those stories that the couple still remembers how they felt the first time they laid eyes on each other.

Steve and Maddie

Sometimes people know that they are meant to be when they realized they have chemistry. But how do you think people feel when they meet in chemistry class? Well, that is exactly what happened for Steve and Maddie. These two have been together for 10 months. While attending the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Steve and Maddie met in a chemistry class. They were not just producing chemical reactions; they realized that they were in one. Talk about a couple who has chemistry!

Torrey and Amber

Speaking of couples who met in chemistry, let’s talk about Torrey and Amber. These two met in their high school study hall. Torrey is a University of Pittsburgh graduate, but he had Amber right next to him the whole way. Torrey and Amber have been together for ten years, and have been married for about five years now. They were lucky enough to be high school sweethearts.

These two met in study hall when Torrey saw Amber from across the room. She was the most beautiful girl he ever saw. Halfway through the class he mustered up the courage to walk over and talk to her, and they have not stopped talking since. They love each other so much that they cannot even go for a run without the other. Some call it magic to marry your high school sweetheart and I agree.

Kevin and Amber

Most people have some really strong relationships, and others have “Army Strong” relationships. Kevin and Amber have an “Army Strong” relationship. When Kevin enlisted in the army he did not know he would meet the love of his life there a few years later. Kevin was a medic in the army and, after he finished his training, he was stationed in Alexandria, Virginia. There he met Amber and the two have been together for 5 years. Kevin and Amber dated for two years, and then got married in 2013. Now, they have since started to attend classes here at Pitt.  They have been together through some of the hardest moments of their lives and are still going “Army Strong.”

Ann and Charlie

Some people in relationships bond by fighting for their country, while others have to fight for their relationships. Sometimes when two people start dating they jump right into a long distance relationship. Well, this is exactly what happened to Ann and Charlie. The two spent a year and a half at a Pitt branch campus getting to know each other as friends before they realized they wanted to be more. Charlie told me, “within a four month period we both realized we liked each other; we called it the ‘oh sh*t moment.’” They spent two months dating before Charlie had to leave for boot camp. The last time they saw each other was for Charlie’s boot camp graduation. Ann said “I will always be a shadow on his back supporting him all the way.”

So, let’s face it, we have some pretty cute stories of how people met their other half here at Pitt and it wasn’t through Tinder. So, if you are single and want a cute relationship story but you are not in the military or in high school, well, you came to the right campus. You never know what you will find at a party, in class, or even in a friend. Just make sure to always keep your eyes open because you never know where, or who, your significant other could be. Trust me, when you find them it will feel like magic.


Image credit: provided by couples, 3