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I’ve gone black Friday shopping every single year for as long as I can possibly remember. My mom and I are both shopaholics, and this is a day we look forward to every year, even more than Thanksgiving. Even though I love shopping on this day, I always hear other people complain about how stressful and annoying it is. I can understand that, but it doesn’t have to be. I want everyone to enjoy Black Friday shopping as much as me so here are your go-to tips for a great experience!

Plan ahead

Every year, my mom and I comb through newspapers and ads looking at where the best deals are. We make lists of the items we need or really want to get. We even map out our day with everywhere we want to go and what we’re getting at each place. I know, that sounds like a lot. It can be but I promise it’s worth it. Once you’re out shopping, it’s a lot harder to remember what stores have which deals and to remember everything you need.

Don’t succumb to the pressure to go shopping the night before

I hear this complaint all the time. Every year it seems like stores are opening earlier and earlier to let shoppers in. This means a lot of people actually go out the night before, not just at midnight but sometimes as early as 6pm. This can bring on a lot of stress BUT you don’t have to go out this early. As someone who typically spends the whole day of Black Friday shopping, I can tell you that unless you’re really on the market for a super specific item that’s in high demand, you don’t need to be one of the first ones out. You’ll still get great deals and have a good time with less people around and less stress!

Remember that Cyber Monday exists!

You might be shopping for hours and still not be able to find everything you need. This is okay! Although it’s nice to finish off all your shopping in one day, there’s another day that offers great deals: Cyber Monday. This allows you to sit in the comfort of your own home, browsing for deals. Don’t forget that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get everything done on Black Friday.

Be prepared

It’s likely going to be a long day of running through stores, standing in lines and everyone crowding the same places. Prepare accordingly. I always dress super comfy, knowing how long I’ll be standing around. Packing water and snacks is also a good idea. Lines for everything, including restaurants, will be long and it’s easier to have these things on you.

Be assertive when necessary

I know, this can be hard. I get it. You don’t have to be that person who’s fighting another shopper for the last iPhone or anything of that nature. However, you may have to at least stand up for yourself. Everyone is on edge and aggressive and people may not hesitate to try to cut you off, skip you in line and other rude behaviors. It’s not as crazy as often depicted on television but it doesn’t hurt to be ready.

It’s only shopping

Please remember this! It’s only shopping. Shopping is meant to be a fun activity. You’re buying stuff to treat yourself. You’re buying stuff to get your Christmas lists done and make your friends and family happy. It should be an enjoyable time!

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be all set for a fun-filled Black Friday. Happy shopping!

Hanna is a senior studying Psychology, Administration of Justice, and Sociology. Hanna joined Her Campus for a writing outlet outside of classes.
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