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Holy Hosiery! Leggings and Socks for Every Occasion

Socks and leggings can be the perfect accent to any outfit by adding flare and personal style. Here’s a few different ways to shake up the same outfits this semester with hosiery.


When in your comfortable study outfit, socks can be a great accessory. I personally have 5 different Victoria’s Secret pairs that I wear with almost everything, including the outfit examples below. The versatile colors and pairs that they come in their packs match almost any outfit and look great with short boots, as pictured above. 

Stand Out

Zany leggings with bright patterns are always a comfortable way to make you find-able in a crowd. They’re great for a day you want to dress up, but not so much that you sacrifice your coziness.

Classy in the Cold

Leggings with calmer colors can also be a great accent to a more formal outfit (and even a conversation piece at a meeting!). The example below has a NYC landscape on them. The second photo are tights with a city skyline that stops just before the dress starts, leaving part of the thigh nude. NOTE: It’s arguable that these aren’t appropriate for formal or work events, but only you can choose how to represent yourself.

Image credit: author’s own (featuring Shannon Ye as the model), 5

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