Hocus Pocus is No Jokus

Everybody has a favorite Halloween movie for some reason or another, whether it’s the gory gruesome classic horror Halloween or a fun kid-friendly flick like Halloween Town. You know, the Disney Channel original movie with the giant pumpkin. When I was younger, may favorite movie was Twitches, but although I will always have a love of movies where twins were separated at birth (cough cough, The Parent Trap) I have realized that the acting was not as amazing as I once thought it was. Being that it's the time of year where binge-watching Halloween movies is acceptable, I recently sat down to watch the best Halloween movie ever, Hocus Pocus. Although I did not understand its humor in my youth, I couldn’t stop laughing watching the movie as a twenty something “adult.” My older relatives were right, things do get better with age and these are the reasons why Hocus Pocus is the best Halloween movie to watch on repeat!

In the words of Sarah… BOYS. 

If you didn’t have a crush on Max Dennison, then you had one on Thackery Binx. *insert heart eyes*

The smoothest pick-up lines ever given by a 15 year-old… ever.

This is not the pick-up line for a bar, but in a classroom it works pretty well.

It took the innocence away from Dannie.

It was obvious that Dannie, aka Max’s little sister, was just there to embarrass him and liked it. She would just laugh when she did like the evil little sister she was perceived to be. 

This face

Don’t even try to lie, we all make this face about fifteen times a today, but we will never be as good at it as the one, the only…Winifred Sanderson. 

The Sanderson Sisters had no idea how to live in the 90’s.

Being that the Sisters come back to life in the 1990’s, Mary explores the uses of the remote when she attempts to turn off some nagging woman by pointing the remote at her and hitting the off button. (enter canned laughter). They also leave their broomsticks outside and unaccompanied only to be stolen byCHILDREN, but what naive 350 year old women wouldn’t do that? To top it off, they fall for Max saying they were in the burning rain of death, or as we call it in the 21st century…water. 

Two words: Sarah Sanderson. 

When Winifred defined school.

Winny teaches Communication 101.

Winifred teaches us how we should talk to those we like (in a nice musical kind of voice).

The best adult innuendo ever.

Billy the Zombie went through the whole movie to insult Winifred. 

We are all Winifred.

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