Her Campus Pitt’s October Favorites!

So here we are again, another HC Favorites list indicating the end of another month. I don't really want to process how fast this semester is flying by us (it was just Halloween, PLEASE don't put on the Christmas music!! I'm. Not. Ready!!!)....so yeah. I'm just gonna jump into the list. But seriously, check out our book/music/beauty/EVERYTHING recommendations. What can I say, HC Pitt has good taste.

My favorite thing this month was Nevada by Imogen Binnie. – Casey S.

Lady gaga's new album: Joanne – Kelsey T.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in the shade whiskey – Abbie T.

Football games with friends – Hannah A.

CREPES!! They're so easy to make and you can put ANYTHING in them (chocolate, fruit, jam, apple sauce, cheese) or just eat them plain. PLUS they're mostly just made of eggs and milk with a little flour and a little oil so I don't have to feel super guilty about eating them! (this recipe is DELICIOUS) – Katie O.

Spotify. I hopped on this trend real late because I didn't think it was worth it, but now I see how great it is! – Dominique S.

Water Under the Bridge-Adele because like...Adele and it's very upbeat! Even though the song is kind of sad. Also matte lipstick because I think it makes any look extremely classic and sophisticated – Chantelle F.

The divine feminine by Mac Miller. I've listened to the whole album a million times. Also bomber jackets! Super cute – Megan N.

Gilmore Girls- I essentially watched the entire 3rd season in one day and think Lorelai's coffee addiction has made mine worse – Jessie I.

First Aid Kit--found them on Spotify and I'm obsessed! Especially with their song Wolf – Sarah P.

Bob's Burgers halloween episodes, and MTV 80s movie marathons. Because where else can you watch Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters, and Heathers in one sitting? Make it a girls night for extra fun. – Caroline E.

Overalls. So cute. So obsessed. – Maria P.

New girl and big knit scarves – Taylor S.

These boots I finally bought after 4 months. My family is from Texas/Louisiana and I love the western style mixed with bohemian! Got them on sale too – Sarah C.

The leaves changing colors and falling! Even though the weather is a little odd lately, fall is here and winter is coming! – Mariah C.

Let us know what your October favorites were to be featured next month! 


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