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HC Seniors: What We Love About Pitt

The seniors of HC Pitt hold both the University of Pittsburgh and the greater city of Pittsburgh near to our hearts. While we’re excited to move on to the next thing—new cities, new jobs and new schools—we’re also sad to leave behind the undergrad chapter of our lives. In the spirit of nostalgia, here’s HC Pitt’s seniors on their favorite things about their time at Pitt.



“Ahh there are so many things to love about Pitt! From tailgates at Heinz Field to (barely) studying outside Schenley Plaza. So glad I’ve gotten to call Oakland home.”


“My favorite things about Pitt are: the community, the city and its varying architecture and cool bridges, Queen Cathy, football games at Heinz Field, hanging out at Schenley Park, the mems from the residence hall life because so many of us from my Sutherland floor are still great friends, going to classes (RIP) and all of the friends they have brought me, hitting Hems after a long week and lastly HER CAMPUS AT PITT.”


“Naturally I have to say Cathy is my favorite thing about Pitt since I basically ~lived~ in her hallowed halls when our classes were in person. All my love to the English department as well. And, naturally, the incredible life-long friends I’ve made here. From movie nights, to roaming the streets of Oakland, to vibing out on Katy’s porch, I’ve truly had an amazing group of pals to goof around and make memories with. H2P baby!”

porch in city
Katy Montgomery

“Gosh, where do I start when it comes to things I love about Pitt. I love the location, being close to the city, the little neighborhood of college students, the tailgates, the amazing professors and the pizza selection! I love the community of South O and all of the crumbling buildings that the students inhabit. From hanging out on my front porch, to hammocking on Flagstaff Hill, to eating Millie’s in the Quad, I just love it all. The only thing I dislike about Pitt is that I wasn’t able to spend more time here.”


As for myself, Pitt has been the embodiment of exactly what I was looking for when I was applying to colleges: a city school that still feels like it has a campus and provides access to green spaces (shoutout to the Cathedral Lawn, Schenley Plaza and Flagstaff Hill, as well as the many trails in Schenley Park!). I’m thankful to Pitt for a challenging and rewarding education, for teaching me that I *am* capable and can do things for myself and for providing me with the chance to meet so many kindhearted and intelligent people, including my fiancé. I’m going to miss reading in Schenley Plaza, editing for Her Campus Pitt, singing with Heinz Chapel Choir, exploring the city of Pittsburgh and eating my favorite wrap from Piada so much. No matter where I go from here, my time at Pitt will always stand out as a defining chapter of my life.

Thanks for the memories, Pitt. H2P forever!

Hi, I'm Sierra! I'm a third-year senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Poetry Writing and Children's Literature, as well as the Health and Fitness Editor of Her Campus Pitt. In my spare time I love to read, sing, explore the city, and use the Oxford comma.
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