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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

Oh yeah, you know what time it is-– Spotify Wrapped time! You’ve probably seen the Instagram stories of your friends posting about their music taste in the past year. Their favorite artists, top songs and even genres of the year. Here at HC Pitt, we wanted to show off our music taste and share a little from our Spotify Wrapped. So, listed below are some of our top artists from this year! 

Taylor Swift
Harry Styles
The Beatles
John Mayer
Noah Kahan
Phoebe bridgers
Briston maroney

Spotify Wrapped is the perfect time to show off your music taste and celebrate artists that create meaningful songs for you! So, what’s on your Spotify Wrapped? 

Serena is a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh who is majoring in English Writing with minors in Creative Writing and Legal Studies. When she's not writing short stories for class, Serena loves to write for HC Pitt, listen to music, and watch Jersey Shore!