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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

March is the month where we celebrate women across the world. We celebrate how far women have come, the barriers they have crossed and the plans they will accomplish in the near future. In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month. Here at HC Pitt, we wanted to show our appreciation for the women in our lives. Whether it’s a sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, friend or even teacher, there are so many amazing women that deserve a shout-out for being an inspiration. So without further ado, here are HC Pitt’s female role models!

“My role model is my mom because she’s shown me how to prioritize my own happiness and find the silver linings in difficult situations!” – Madelyn D.
“My role model is my older sister. She is so fun, supportive and kind. I really admire her passion for her career in nursing!” – Claire U.
“My role model is definitely my mom. She has taught me so many things and has shaped me to be the young woman I am today. No matter the situation, my mother would drop anything just to help someone in need, and showcase kindness and selflessness everyday. I’m so honored to have her as my mom, and I strive each day to make her proud.” – Serena G.
“My role model is my mom because she always puts others first, encourages me to pursue my passions and has taught me the importance of compassion.” – Olivia A.
My mom because she taught me to be comfortable in my own skin and stand up for myself. Also Taylor Swift – listening to her music as a girl made me the woman i am today.” – Nicole a.

Let this article be an inspiration for you to honor a female role-model in your life! Happy Women’s History Month!

Serena is a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh who is majoring in English Writing with minors in Creative Writing and Legal Studies. When she's not writing short stories for class, Serena loves to write for HC Pitt, listen to music, and watch Jersey Shore!