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Getting back to class in person means also getting back to spending the hours in between on campus. So, for everyone who may be new to Pitt, or just needs a new place to get work done, here are our go-to places around campus.

Silent Lounges in the William Pitt UNion

Do you need a no-distractions place to grind out that last minute assignment? Look no further than room 321 or the lounge on the ninth floor in the William Pitt Union (WPU). These rooms are dedicated to being low-noise level spaces to make it easier to focus at the tasks at hand.


One of the many academic buildings on campus, Posvar offers not only classrooms to study in, but also an assortment of group and individual spaces. Bonus points for the Einstein’s Bagels being on the second floor for when you need a quick refuel.

The Dunkin’ Donuts on FOrbes Avenue

No, you may not get the best cup of coffee in the world here, but you will get an early morning or late night study space and a really good snack.

Hillman Library

A classic, the original. The Hillman Library boasts five stories of study spaces, and each floor is dedicated to a specific noise level. Late night on the ground floor (pre-pandemic of course) you may find a group of exhausted engineers using the rolling chairs to facilitate a fake-joust. Don’t ask questions, they needed a morale boost.

Recently, the Starbucks was turned into a Saxby’s, so now we have a different assortment of options when it comes to our late night treats.

The BevIer Library in BEnedum Hall

I’ve been told that the library in Benedum has the highest ratio of outlets to seats. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I am sure that the Bevier Library is a great place to study after a mid-day Einstein’s pick me up.

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