HC Pitt’s Weird Food Preferences

If you have weird or embarrassing food preferences, you definitely aren’t alone. Whether it’s chocolate on everything, ketchup on everything, or other cringe worthy combos, everyone has those disgusting but kind of amazing combinations that may make others gag. Some of our HC Pitt members got together to share their weirdest favorites!

“For some reason, Chipotle burrito bowls taste 1000 times better to me when eaten with a plastic fork than with silverware. If I somehow have leftovers to take home with me, I have to make sure to grab a fork to go as well.” – Lexi N.

“I’ve heard from my friends that it's odd that I eat cheese pizza with guacamole.” -Lydia S.

“I love putting maple syrup on chocolate ice cream.” -Katie V.

“I worked at a Moe's for a few years, and we used to mix guac and queso and salsa in cups and eat it. It sounds weird, but it's amazing.” -Mariah C.

“Ketchup on mac and cheese.... sorry not sorry.” -Jessie I.

“I like dipping my pancakes in applesauce instead of syrup.” -Katie O.

“Dipping Wendy's fries in a frosty (preferably chocolate).” -Chantelle F.

Happy eating!


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