Halloween TV Episodes You Should Watch This Week

Are you in between Netflix shows? Looking to rewatch episodes from old favorites? Or just really into Halloween and want the best way to celebrate this ~spooky~ holiday? Well, look no further. Here are the Halloween-themed TV episodes you should watch in preparation for Halloween AND some costume ideas pulled from the shows in case you’re still searching for what to wear!


1. Bob’s Burgers

“Full Bars,” Season 3 Episode 2

The kids go to King’s Head island in search of better candy (did anybody else go to the richer neighborhoods to get full-sized and king-sized candy bars??), but they get caught up in hell hunt, a tradition on the island where younger kids are tormented and have to dodge gross pee-filled balloons. Teddy has a Halloween party that Linda and Bob attend but he locks the party down holding everyone inside when he realizes someone has killed his guinea pig.

Costume ideas:

Edward Scissorhands (Louise)

A mommy mummy who is single, working two jobs and trying to get back out there (Tina)

Queen Latifah (Gene)


2. Friends

“The One with the Halloween Party,” Season 8 Episode 6

Monica and Chandler throw a Halloween party where Phoebe meets Ursala’s fiancé (Sean penn) who Ursula has been lying to, and pregnant Rachel tries to connect with children by giving out candy.

Costume ideas:

Sexy Catwoman (Monica)

Spudnick, a cross of a potato and Russia’s Sputnik (Ross)

Chandler (Joey)

Charlie Brown (Gunther)


3. Parks and Rec

“Greg Pikitis,” Season 2 Episode 7

Leslie has a long-time vendetta against Greg Pikitis (Knope: “I will waterboard you”) who vandalizes the park every Halloween, so she and her cop boyfriend (Louis C.K.) follow him and try to catch him in the act. Meanwhile, Ann throws a Halloween party she hopes will successfully merge her two worlds (hospital and the parks dept.).

Costume ideas:

Raggedy Ann (Ann)

Straight guys (April’s gay boyfriends)

T-Pain (Tom)


4. Parks and Rec

“Halloween Surprise,” Season 5 Episode 5

Ron goes trick or treating with Diane, his girlfriend, and her daughters, and he tries to figure out whether he wants to continue dating her in spite of her children (“I need to go to the bathroom,” and Ron responds, “I have no idea what to do about that”). At the Parks Department, there is a scary movie screening, and in a failed scare attempt, Jerry has a “fart attack,” causing Leslie to hold a fundraiser to help Jerry afford his hospital bills.

Costume ideas:

Your greatest fear (Chris Traeger as an old man)

Burt Macklin, FBI (Andy)

Rosie the Riveter (Leslie)


5. Modern Family

“Halloween,” Season 2 Episode 6

Claire wants the perfect Halloween haunted house, but everyone else is messing things up. Mitchell is the only one who dresses up for Halloween at work. And Manny and Jay are making fun of Gloria’s accent to her annoyance.

Costume ideas:

Witch (Gloria)

Gargoyle (Jay)

Frankenstein (Manny)

Spiderman (Mitchell)


6. How I Met Your Mother

“Slutty Pumpkin,” Season 1 Episode 6

Ted returns to the same rooftop Halloween party every year hoping to meet the “slutty pumpkin” he made a connection with four years ago, much to Barney’s dismay as Barney wants to go to a Victoria’s Secret party. Marshall and Lily go on a double date with Robin and a guy she’s seeing, but Robin isn’t very good at being in a relationship.

Costume ideas:

Pirate and his parrot (Marshall and Lily)

Hanging chad (Ted)

Slutty Pumpkin (Mystery woman…)


7. The Office

“Halloween,” Season 2 Episode 5

Michael has waited until the end of the month – Halloween – to deal with the fact that he’s supposed to let someone go. Pam and Jim goof around making a resume for Dwight and applying for jobs on his behalf, but Jim doesn’t know what to think when Pam suggests her apply for a job in Maryland.

Costume ideas:

Three-hole punch version of Jim (Jim)

Sith Lord (Dwight)

Mr. Incredible, Dunder Mifflin-style (Kevin)


8. The Office

“Costume Contest,” Season 7 Episode 6

Everyone is going all out to win the costume contest’s grand prize, a coupon book worth $15,000 in savings. Jim and Pam are distressed over why Danny never called Pam back after they went on two dates years ago.

Costume ideas:

MacGruber (Michael)

The Scranton Strangler (Dwight)

Popeye and Olive Oil (Jim and Pam)

Lady Gaga (Gabe)

Willy Wonka (Kelly)


9. Gossip Girl

“How to Succeed in Bassness,” Season 3 Episode 7

Gossip Girl may not be your first thought when it comes to Halloween…but, as someone who just finished the series, I had to include it. And, Chuck and Blair’s constant scheming does seem apt for the holiday, too. Chuck is opening his new club, but as he’s still feeling like he can’t trust Blair, he doesn’t want her to be a part of his speakeasy-Halloween party for the grand opening. Dan is anxious because he watched the sex scenes from his actress girlfriend’s (Hillary Duff) vampire movies, and he feels he won’t live up to the actor’s performance.

Costume ideas:

Flappers (Serena, Olivia)

Gangsters (Dan, Chuck)


10. Stranger Things

Frankly, if you’re looking to spend a little more time getting into the Halloween spirit, you should watch Stranger Things. They don’t have a Halloween episode per se, but this series about the disappearance of a young boy coinciding with the appearance of a young girl named “Eleven” who appears to have supernatural powers will definitely set the eerie tone for you. And if you’ve watched the first season, the second is coming out right in time for Halloween!


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