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Although Pitt is moving into Guarded Risk, that doesn’t mean everything is back to normal. And unfortunately, that means Halloween will be a little different this year. However, even though going out as we normally would isn’t much of an option, that doesn’t mean Halloween is done for. We have a bunch of spooky vibes this season and we will not let it go to waste, so I am here, your guardian ghost, to save Halloween. Grab a pen, some paper and get ready to be blown away by my wonderful ~spooky~ Halloween ideas.

Halloween Movie Marathon

At this point, what can’t be fixed by a movie marathon? Watch with your pod, or host a virtual Netflix party and immerse yourself in Halloween vibes as you scare yourself to death by watching horror movies or feel nostalgia as you rewatch the beloved Halloween classics. Just grab some popcorn, your coziest blanket, maybe even a pillow to hide your face during the scary scenes and enjoy the night of back to back movies. 

Struggling to pick a movie? Since I am basically Halloween obsessed, check out this article (a little self promo) for movies to choose from. Warning: they do be scary. 

Virtual Costume Party 

Just because we’re in a pandemic doesn’t mean we can’t dress up. Halloween is the time to show off your creativity, your diy creations and your youtube tutorial make-up looks that will be society approved even if they look bad. Halloween is the time where we can dress up like whatever we want, however we want (as long as we’re respectful of course) and no one is out to judge us. So grab your bubble, host a virtual costume party and show off your crazy creative costumes! And for all of my competitive people out there, make it into a contest! Flaunt your looks, just flaunt them with safety. 

The Spooky Halloween Baking Show 

Halloween decorations on baked goods are simply next level. Yes, Christmas has gingerbread houses and snow cookies and beautiful looking gingerbread men. Yes, Thanksgiving has the famous turkey and delicious apple pie. But do either of those holidays allow you to eat sweets that look like eyes? Can you eat a cookie sandwich that looks like a vampire’s mouth? Can you eat skeleton heads? No? I thought so. 

Halloween isn’t just a time to be creative with our costumes, but our food too. From ghost cookies to cake pops disguised as eyeballs, Halloween baked goods are a different breed. So grab your crew, dump out your ingredients on the table and challenge yourself to a Halloween themed bake off. And because I want you to succeed and win, here are a few ideas for your Halloween bake off. Don’t let me down or I might just haunt you.

Ghostly Game Nights

When we were kids, we all knew of the scary games like Bloody Mary, Sandman and Light as a Feather. I wouldn’t recommend calling out to evil spirits because that’s honestly a disaster waiting to happen. Plus, we’ve all seen at least one horror movie now where we know what happens when people joke around with spirits. But scary games such as the ones we played as kids do have a special place in my heart, so go back to your childhood with your pod, or you can even host it virtually, and have a ~spooky~ game night. Scare one another as you play games like the Cat Scratch Scary Game, Triple Mirror Game, Thumb Game and etc. I will warn you, these games are much scarier than saying Bloody Mary in the bathroom three times as you spin around in the dark, so if you think you can go to bed unbothered, then I highly recommend it. However, if someone happens to call a spirit that begins to haunt them, I said absolutely nothing and didn’t recommend this to anyone.

Creepy Arts and Crafts 

Even though I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, I love participating in DIY arts and crafts. Granted, everything I make looks awful and goes in the trash because no one appreciates the effort I have put into my creations (my mom really out here crushing my dreams but I love her anyways). Arts and crafts are always fun to do when you’ve got the right people beside you. Now I know we’re all “big kids,” but Halloween has the ability to bring out the child in us all so be a kid for the night and create cute arts and crafts that you remembered making in second grade. If you’re confident in your skills, make it a competition between you and your quarantine crew. Maybe up the stakes and make complex decorations. The night is yours my friend, so make some creepy creations and wow everyone with your secret Picasso skills. We got our moms to prove wrong on the line (or at least I do.)

A pandemic won’t stop my love for Halloween and I hope it won’t stop yours either. Be safe, but enjoy the spooky season by changing things up this year! It’s Halloween and I’m here to help you make the most of it. 

Kavya is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh and pursuing an Economics-Math dual major alongside with a Creative Writing minor. She's also a part of Dhirana, Collision Literary Magazine and Women in Economics. Besides scrolling through tik tok, she loves reading, writing, the daily Netflix binges, and hanging out with friends.
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