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Going Out at Peter’s Through the Ages

If you are a Pitt student, you have inevitably heard of the infamous Peter’s Pub. In case you have not heard of it, Peter’s Pub is a popular bar located on Oakland Ave. and is where many students, like myself, get their “horns” on their 21st birthday. As a senior, I am feeling nostalgic about my times at Peter’s. I decided to interview my junior, senior, and super-senior friends about their experiences at Peter’s and share with you what it is like going out at Peter’s ~through the ages.~


So what was it like going out at Peter’s your first few times?

Junior: “Literally life changing, the day you can go to Peter’s is the greatest and I want to go every weekend.”

Senior: “Going to Peter’s was the best, I loved every minute of it from the moment I got my horns to all the long nights dancing till they kicked us out at 2 am. I went every weekend after I turned 21 and, every night I had a great time. It was my first bar experience and I was not let down at all.”

Super-Senior: “I remember walking in and thinking it was a glorified frat house, but the best frat house I ever went too. It was awesome though because I could go up to the bar and order any drink I wanted. My friend said to order a cranberry vodka, so I did. When I went upstairs, it was fun because they (usually) play good music and we can dance. It was super fun getting my horns and having people wish you a ‘happy birthday’ and scream it at you. Overall, the greatness lied in it being a bar and the novelty of finally being able to go to one.”


What is your typical night out at Peter’s like now?

Junior: “Oh god…waiting in the long line then running to the bar to get a Panther bomb and going on the dance floor to dance until I’m so sweaty and need to stop.”

Senior: Wellllll I don’t go as often as I used to but when I go it is definitely more tame. I just socialize and maybe dance a little when a good song comes on or after one too many panther bombs.”

Super-Senior: “Oh my god, I have to have a few drinks in me before I can consider going. It has kind of become a last resort or a last minute plan. Now that I’m older I know exactly what I have to do when I go to Peter’s—I have to go directly to the bar, then go upstairs or not at all.”


How often do you go out to Peter’s now and any last thoughts on your experiences?

Junior: “If things are going well, about one night a weekend. Some last thoughts are I hope Peter’s never gets old for me because I love it!”

Senior: “I go occasionally for like a friend’s 21st birthday or when I don’t make it to Southside. Peter’s you were (almost) always good to me and I will cherish all the memories I had with you. Peter’s was the best place to start my 21 life. No regrets!!”

Super-Senior: “I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been in the last year. But really I’ve had some great times at Peter’s, it was the first bar I had fun at and I enjoyed going when I was a rookie 21-year-old. I remember Halloween is always especially fun! But now I venture off to other places. The memories at Peter’s have been worth it, I just don’t have the patience for the shenanigans now.”


There you have it, the upward and downward hill of going out at Peter’s Pub. But is your Pitt experience complete if you have not had a weird experience at Peter’s?

Long Live Peter’s and Hail to Pitt!


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I am a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Psychology and Nursing and I love being part of the Her Campus team! Hail to Pitt!
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