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Gifts You Can Order for Your Squad Without Getting Out of Bed

It’s the time of year to show your squad how much you appreciate them! Here’s a list of gifts that are as unique as your besties. All of these gifts can be ordered on Amazon, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your bed. Just stay right there in your fuzzy socks and ten layers of blankets. You are just a few clicks away from becoming the queen of gift-giving!

For your funny friend: “Milk and Vine: Inspirational Quotes from Classic Vines” paperback, $4.85

Your funny friend loves to make you laugh. Return the favor with this hilarious book that was written by two college freshman and soared to the best-seller list. It’s a parody of Rupi Kaur’s anthology “milk and honey” that uses quotes from famous vines as the poetry. Guaranteed ROFL.  

For your busy friend: Weekly Planner, $13.49

She’s the president of the French Club, an RA and an intern at a law firm – yet your busy friend still manages to find time to catch up with you. Show her your appreciation with a cute planner. With everything she has going on, you can be sure she’ll put it to good use.  

For your calm friend: Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea, $3.19

The opposite of your busy friend, your calm friend likes to take time to breathe and be mindful. You don’t know what Chakra is, but she definitely has hers in balance. She’ll love this “soothing serenity blend.”

 For your beauty-obsessed friend: 10 pack of face masks, $9.70

Your beauty-obsessed friend knows that Korean skincare is the latest trend. She can never have too many face masks, making them a safe gift. You can pick a couple from fun varieties like avocado, rose and bamboo. 

For your inspirational friend: Poster, $10

Your inspirational friend brings sunshine into her friend’s lives. Return the favor with this equally inspirational poster. She can add it to her dorm for a little flair, and think of you every time she sees it.  

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