Gifts For People Who Don’t Like Gifts

*I would like to preface this article by saying that these gifts are for preferably adolescents or older, but are acceptable for any religion.*


Ugh, shopping.

If you’re like me, you hate the looming pressure of finding great gifts for the people you treasure. If you’re also super challenging, like me, people may hate trying to pick a gift out for you. Double whamsies! Here is your guide to buying the perfect gift for someone who hates gifts or if you hate shopping.

Card and Money

This is the easiest and most impersonal gift. The giftee can purchase whatever he or she likes. CHA-CHING. Cards don’t even need a personal message.


Chocolate is the perfect gift for anyone who likes sweets. Vegan and vegetarian chocolates are also available!



Candles nicely compliment any home décor. You can customize the smell, name or add a picture. Perfect for aunts and middle-aged women.


The newest technology will surely be welcomed by family and friends. The only problem is high prices (@ iPhone X).


Going to a holiday party? Going to a party with kids? Need something so you don’t arrive empty handed? Heading home and super anxious? Wine is the best gift for all the aforementioned locations.


Show up to pot lucks, Friendsgiving, or any party with a nice cookie platter or casserole. Grocery store platters will come in clutch this holiday season.

Anything Customizable That You Can Order Online and Not Actually Make Yourself

People love anything that has their name or initials on it: USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Customize coffee mugs, pillows, robes, shirts, jewelry, lanyards, hats or pretty much anything else. If you’re feeling really spicy, order something in their favorite color.

Empty Picture Frame

Timeless and joyful: pictures are worth a thousand words. But frames are about ten dollars. Is there a better way to constantly remind someone of your love without intruding by giving them a framed picture of you? Now you’re getting it.


Perfect for anyone with feet.


Because blankets are glorified socks.


Great for everyone and the harsh weather. Sweaters can be soft, oversized, colorful or from a thrift store. And if you love making people feel awkward, give them an ugly sweater to see their expression after opening it (@ grandmas).


I hope these tips help you selective shoppers out there. You’ll do amazing. Happy Holidays!



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