Fun Things To Do in Pittsburgh When You’re Under 21

Let’s face it, being under 21 can suck sometimes. Finding a super fun college party is rare. It seems like weekends come and go, and you always end up doing the same thing: going to crappy frat parties where it’s hot, gross and you only get one warm beer. Being 21 gives you the option of ditching the boring party and head to the bars. But for those of you who are underage and don’t have that advantage, you get stuck with the same bad options. Or so you thought! Here are some fun things that you can do around Pittsburgh for the night instead of getting dragged to a party.  

East Carson Street in South Side

One of the best ways to spend a night out is eating (obviously). East Carson Street has a ton of delicious and interesting restaurants that offer up a range of foods and prices. Whether you want to dress up or stay casual, there’s a place for it on East Carson. It’s also a nice change from the food in Oakland. Though we all love Chipotle, Fuel and Fuddle, and Hello Bistro, there is more to explore in other parts of the city. Afterward you could go to the Milkshake Factory for something sweet, or get a little shopping/movie in at South Side Works.  It might not be the craziest night of your life but it definitely beats getting groped in a gross basement with bad music!


Duquesne Incline

Everyone knows the view of Downtown Pittsburgh is great, and it’s even better at night. One way to appreciate this great view in a creative way is by taking the Duquesne Incline and getting some great panoramic pictures. As a Pitt student the fare is free, and it’s definitely worth it when you’re riding up the hill in the cute little red cable car. Besides the great view you can get ice cream from a little shop at the top. The incline is open 365 days a year until 12:45 in the morning, which could be a really cool time to go. 


Fright Night at Kennywood

Now that its fall, pumpkin spiced everything isn’t the only thing that’s back for the season. Kennywood’s Phantom Fright Night is also here for a few weeks, so take advantage of it! If you like rollercoasters, amusement parks, or getting scared sh*tless then you’ll love Fright Night! It runs on Fridays and Saturdays from September 30 to October 29, 6pm to midnight.


Sphinx Café

This is something that might be completely new for people, but it’s a great weekend activity if you just want to have a chill night out. The Sphinx Café is an old church turned hookah bar right here in Oakland! It’s located on the corner of Atwood and Bates. You’ve probably passed by it a million times going out on the weekends without ever actually knowing what was going on behind their doors. Hookah is a fun and relaxing way to spend your evening, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Luckily the Sphinx Café isn’t just serving up different flavors for hookah.  Like the name says, it’s also a café that serves Mediterranean foods and bangin coffee/tea.  So if hookah isn’t your thing you can still go with friends and get something out of it. 


Andy Warhol Museum

Whenever you feel like you need to tap into your creative side, the Andy Warhol Museum is absolutely the best place to do it.  Besides being an awesome experience on its own, the Warhol Museum gets even funkier on Friday nights.  Every Friday it stays open late to house crazy art entertainment and musical performances.  Its Avant garde and super fun.  Even if you’re not a fan of museums or art in general it’s an experience worth trying out. 


The next time you find yourself worrying about what to do on a Friday or Saturday night, or feel instant dread when you hear that your friends want to go back to that same horrible house as last weekend, try out something new! Go explore the awesome city that you get to live in during your years at college and make the most of it. 

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