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Frills and Sequins and Velvet, Oh My: The Strangest Looks from the Oscars

It’s been a dramatic year for the Academy Awards. First, there was the Kevin Hart scandal, followed by the Academy’s failed attempt to introduce a “popular film” category and finally, backlash about the idea to award the less popular categories during commercial breaks. Nonetheless, one thing that will never change from year-to-year is the fact that nominees wear the most out-there pieces on the red carpet. This year was no different, with looks that definitely turned heads, in both good and bad ways. Here are the six most unique outfits from this year’s Oscars.

1. Billy Porter’s Tuxedo Gown

The “Pose” star wore a custom tuxedo ballgown with a corseted jacket and velvet skirt. While women have been wearing pantsuits to award shows for a while now, this is the first time a man has worn an article that’s traditionally feminine. I think Porter made a powerful statement with this outfit: breaking gender stereotypes is something men can do too. 

2. Linda Cardellini’s Frilly Pink Piece

The “Green Book” actress went for a frilly, hot pink gown. Viewers were torn between loving and hating the dress. Honestly, it reminded me of something Sharpay Evans might wear. Despite some negative reactions, Cardellini rocked the dress with confidence.

3. Jason Momoa’s Velvet Blush Tux

The “Aquaman” star, who was there to present the award for ‘Best Documentary Feature’, went for a Fendi light pink tuxedo. I thought he looked amazing in this outfit, and the best part? His matching pink velvet scrunchie.

4. Emma Stone’s Honeycomb Dress

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “The Favourite,” Stone sported a brown and gold Louis Vuitton gown. From a distance, its pattern reminded me of a honeycomb and some Twitter users also compared it to toast, bacon and waffles. Up close, you can see that the dress is covered in sequins, making it uniquely different from other Oscars looks.

5. Maya Rudolph’s Flowing Floral Piece

Rudolph, who was there to perform an opening comedy bit alongside Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, wore a flowy pink dress and a matching cape draped around her shoulders. Critics compared her piece to a bedding set, while others said the look was as fun and playful as the comedian herself.

6. Pharrell Williams’ Camo Shorts

Williams presented the award for Best Animated Feature Film wearing a camo-print jacket with matching shorts. While I’m sure it was warm in Los Angeles during the awards show, some say his look was a little dressed-down. Others were a fan of the of the trendy camo-print and the assortment of jewelry that Williams paired with it.

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