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The Four Thoughts Everyone Has Before a Big Haircut

We’ve all been there before; maybe it’s after an emotionally traumatic event or you’re just feeling impulsive, but the temptation of chopping your hair off is strong regardless. We look at other girls with short haircuts in envy and want to try and pull it off anyways. No matter where you go, you find yourself staring awkwardly at someone with a cute, short hairstyle and wonder, “Could I look that good if I cut mine?” Next thing you know, you’ve booked an appointment and with that, the haircut anxiety kicks in and you go through the four stages of pre-haircut overthinking.

“Could I pull this off?”

The first thought you have when deciding to go for the big chop is wondering how good you’ll look with short hair. You’ll find yourself looking in every mirror and playing with your hair, trying to fold it and see how it looks at that length. You text all your friends and ask if you’d look good or not. You may even make an Instagram poll or send a mass snapchat asking “Should I chop my hair?” Despite the various responses, you know you’ve already decided you’re going to cut it off.

“I’m going to look great!”

The next thought that passes through your mind will be one of extreme confidence. You’ll get the idea in your head that you can rock short hair so well it’ll make everyone jealous of your hair for once. You’ll spend hours on Pinterest looking for styles to show to your hairdresser. You’ll tell all your friends about it, ignoring the eye rolls they’ll give you as they know exactly what will happen next.

“Maybe short hair isn’t for me…”

After your self-confidence stage, you’ll fall right back into doubt and deprecation. You’ll rethink every haircut you’ve ever gotten that was slightly shorter than the length you’re at now. Remember the terrible bowl cut your mom made you get in preschool or the ugly bangs you cut yourself in the fourth grade? This will look exactly like those! What could you possibly have been thinking?

“It’s just hair.”

Once you finally calm yourself down and find yourself sitting in the chair with the scissors ready to chop, you’ll realize that it’s just hair. The way you look, especially a haircut, has no impact on who you are and your value. This is not an end all be all decision, it’s one that lasts six to eight weeks at most. And besides, hats exist.

At the end of the day, we all freak out over hair-cuts. As someone who has gone from long, luscious locks straight to a bob, I can assure you a haircut doesn’t actually hold the life changing qualities we all think they do. And besides, at the end of the day you’ll never feel as great as you do when that chair spins around and you finally get to see the new cut that you’ll end up falling in love with anyway.


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Emma is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh studying communication and political science. She is originally from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania aka Taylor Swift's hometown. In her free time, Emma is a member of Theta Phi Alpha and serves as their junior Panhellenic rep, as well as a member of the Pink Campus Team. She enjoys listening to music, watching movies, reading, writing, and going to the gym.
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