Finals Week as Told by Leslie Knope

It’s finals week. You’re stressed. You’re burnt out. It’s beautiful weather outside and all you want to do is lay outside on the Schenely Quad. But fear not, I’ve written this article to help you smile amidst the hell that is finals. Because Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation is a foolproof way to cheer up.

When you’re trying to motivate yourself to study. At this point you still have enough energy to stand.

When you’re realizing that it’s Sunday and you still haven’t started studying for your exam tomorrow.

When you go to bed way earlier than normal in an attempt to ace your exam but the extra sleep has the opposite effect.

When you try to convince your professor to be more specific than “study everything I’ve ever talked about ever.”

When that same professor says that this is college so “too bad.”

When you’ve been in Hillman for 10 hours and you’re starting to lose your sanity.

And when that loss of sanity leads you to go on a destruction rage of the library.

When you’re super proud of the absolute beauty of your study guides.

When your friend asks if you’re holding up ok on the last day of finals.

When you finally walk out of your last exam

And when you know that it’s summer and you are finished with all academic responsibility!!

So best of luck studying, ladies! You will make it through finals week. I know it can feel like it never ends, but I promise that we will all reach the waffles at the end of the tunnel. As Leslie once said, “We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third.”


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