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Fall Fashion Trends and the Pittsburgh Boutiques Where You Can Get Them

As the school year starts back up again at Pitt there is one thing we are able to look forward to. And no, it is not syllabus week or the first crazy fraternity party after summer vacation. It is…fall fashion. Even though campus is still a little hot, stores all over Pittsburgh and around the country are stocking up on the newest trends for the coming months. Here you will find 5 essentials that will not only keep you warm and comfortable in the chilly days of October but will also give you an inside look at what some of the boutiques around the area believe will be their best selling items this year.

1. This is the Multi Stripe Dolman Sweater at Pittsburgh’s very own Jupe Boutique in South Side. This little boutique on East Carson Street has a wide variety of clothes to pick from yet they believe this sweater is a must have. Diane Applegate, a current employee of Jupe Boutique says, “I’m a big sweater girl. I like a great sweater that you can wear with skinny jeans and boots. So this is a definite purchase for me.” She mentioned that big, bold patterns and colors on sweaters and jackets will be a popular trend this fall. Not only will this put you on the style map but it also won’t break your bank either, costing about $68.

2. Everyone has that one pair of sandals they just can’t get rid of during the summer months no matter how dirty and worn they become. But… this is the time! These suede ankle boots from Jupe Boutique will be a great stepping stone from those summer sandals to winter boots. These ankle boots are great because the color can really be paired with most of your wardrobe. You can utilize the heel and dress these boots up or throw them on with skinny jeans as you head off to class.

3. Scarves are a must have around Pittsburgh’s campus this fall. But many unexpected colors are popping up in the stores and boutiques. Applegate says the most popular fall colors she has seen come through Jupe, are “dark pumpkin orange, emerald green and dark purple.” Taking these colors into consideration I decided to go on a little shopping spree to reward myself for attending every single one of my classes during syllabus week. I stepped into Francesca’s Collections in Shadyside and came across this scarf below. It was ranked as one of their very own “fall favorites.” This will be a great accessory to have in the coming months so make sure to stop by Francesca’s Collections in Shadyside and check it out!

4. As I mentioned before, big bold patterns are very much “IN” this fall. Talking to an employee from J. Crew he recommended this Zigzag sequin dress below for a “night out on the town.” But I guess in our case, a night in the city. This dress is a little bit fancier yet captures the essence of the fall “look” that most people are going for. Alex Robbins, giving himself the title of “J.Crew fashionista,” says that this dark shade of black “could be paired with anything from dark leggings and black ankle boots for a more casual feel or black heels and a solid colored blazer for a more “working girl” type of look.

5. The last essential item for fall fashion this year is the “calf hair skinny belt” from J.Crew. Leopard print is everywhere this fall and this skinny belt would go great with solid colors on the top and bottom. Pair it with dark jeans and a light pink blouse on your way to class or with a tight fitted black dress that you plan on wearing to your friend’s 21st birthday party. Either way this pattern is a must have for the fall.
So there you have it. Looking at these five essentials and incorporating them into your wardrobe will lead you in the right style direction here on Pitt’s campus. Whether you want to be comfortable in the Dolman sweater or pair the zigzag sequin dress with sky-high stilettos for a night out in South Side, you will be the buzz of the city. 

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