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Everything We Know About Taylor Swift’s Upcoming Album

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On the night of August 28th, 2022, while accepting the VMA for Video of the Year with her short film-style music video for “All Too Well,” Taylor Swift expressed her gratitude for the award by sharing with her dedicated fans that her brand new album was on the way. Swift went on to share with the excited audience and fans listening at home that she would share more at midnight. This announcement sent Swift’s devoted listeners and the entire internet into a frenzy of excitement and shock. For months fans have been discussing and conspiring which one of her past albums she would re-record next as she has done with both Fearless and Red in the past year and a half but this announcement was one no one was quite ready for. 

As the clock struck twelve on that fateful night, Swift revealed that the album’s title coincidentally (or not) was Midnights and that the album was the tale of “thirteen sleepless nights” throughout Swift’s life. Each track on the album will tell an emotional and vulnerable tale of a night Swift laid awake in deep thought over the many trials and tribulations of her life. Our favorite singer-songwriter also confirmed that the album would be released on October 21st while accepting her VMA that evening. Swift unveiled the cover art for this album and it matches perfectly with the album’s apparent dramatic and intense aura. Swift is holding an ignited lighter dangerously close to her scheming eyes which are covered in a deep blue eyeshadow that matches the midnight sky. Listeners across all facets of the world were ecstatic with this news and the countdown to October 21st commenced for her most devoted fans and casual listeners alike because who isn’t excited for some new Tay Tay? 

As the release of the album inches closer, Ms. Swift has taken to Tik-Tok to announce the tracklist for the album with a little game she calls “Midnight’s Mayhem.” On random nights Taylor posts a Tik-Tok right at twelve a.m. announcing the title of a track on the upcoming album. So far, she has announced the title of three separate tracks. The first track she unveiled was, of course, track thirteen entitled “Mastermind”. At this point, Swift has also released the names of tracks seven and eight, “Question…?” and “Vigilante Sh*t.” Each night fans lay awake praying that Taylor will upload one of these short Tik-Toks hoping to receive another clue for the album being released next month. 

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