The Enneagram Types as Halloween Candy

Enneagram types have become increasingly popular over the years and are one of my personal favorite personality tests. Enneagrams focus on your motivations rather than just your personality traits and are a great way to explain and predict others' behavior and how you might interact with them. Once you know your Enneagram type, you can learn more about your desires and stressors in life – or which Halloween candy best describes you. It's totally your call though! ;)

  1. 1. Type 1 - The Perfectionist: Twix

    A Type 1 follows the rules and wants everything to be done correctly. They have a desire to be balanced, organized and ethical, and they have a very strong sense of what is right and wrong. Ever heard of left Twix and right Twix? According to a Type 1, there's a right way to do everything, even when it comes to choosing a Twix bar – and they will absolutely tell you what it is. 

  2. 2. Type 2 - The Giver: Take 5

    A Type 2 has a desire to be liked by others and is very generous because of it. They are the true definition of a people-pleaser. Take 5 bars have a variety of flavors in order to accommodate everyone's likes, which helps them to be loved by many.  

  3. 3. Type 3 - The Achiever: Reese's

    A Type 3 is full of ambition, is driven to always be the best and wants to impress others. Reese's are a classic Halloween candy but  in recent years they have started created new variations, ranging from Peanut Butter Lovers to Franken-Cups. They are always changing and innovating, all while sticking to their roots.

  4. 4. Type 4 - The Individualist: Almond Joy

    A Type 4 is very creative and self-aware, and they have a strong desire to be unique and create their own identity. Almond Joys are one of the most unique Halloween candies out there, and they certainly have their own identity. Despite starting out as an innovative combination, almonds and coconuts are a duo now commonly understood as Almond Joy flavors.

  5. 5. Type 5 - The Investigator: Smarties

    A Type 5 is constantly seeking knowledge and understanding about a variety of topics. So, comparing them to Smarties is more of a play on words – but, it still holds true. These people are also inventive, alert and independent – all characteristics that these sour rolls of hard candy possess. 

  6. 6. Type 6 - The Loyalist: Hershey's Chocolate Bar

    A Type 6 is reliable, responsible and has a desire to be secure. That feeling of security is what makes Hershey Bars so lovable. They are consistent and everyone loves them for what they are: a safe, popular and sharable choice.

  7. 7. Type 7 - The Enthusiast: Jolly Rangers

    A Type 7 has a desire to have the most fun and adventure in their life as possible. They are extroverted, optimistic, spontaneous and have a severe fear of missing out. Jolly Ranchers embody this type with their colorful and flavorful nature, leaving everyone happy and satisfied. 

  8. 8. Type 8 - The Challenger: York Peppermint Patties

    A Type 8 sees themselves as strong and powerful, and they are often self-confident, protective and have very strong opinions. No offense to anyone who is a Type 8, but I really don't like York Peppermint Patties. Once they're in your Halloween bag, everything tastes like mint which gives off that controlling sense of power. But, my opinions on them actually help support why a Type 8 is definitely a York; they evoke very strong opinions from both sides, love and hate.

  9. 9. Type 9 - The Peacemaker: M&M's

    A Type 9 typically keeps a low profile and lets everyone else handle any decision-making. They are trusting, stable and go along with others' actions. M&M's are one of the most loved candies, and even though they come in all flavors and sizes, most people can find at least one type that they love. They are stable, go well with anything from popcorn, ice cream and even cookies as they are very consistent.