Easy Warm Things to Make for Dinner This Fall

It’s FINALLY that time of the year again!  With this crisp fall weather comes pumpkin spice everything, cozy and chunky sweaters, Halloween movies and delicious comfort food.  The cooler it gets, the warmer we want to make our bodies feel.  Here are so great fall recipes to make for dinner this season!



Soup is by far one of the easiest and most delicious recipes you can make during the fall.  Essentially, all you have to do is throw a bunch of ingredients into a pot and let the cookware do the rest.  When you’re running around busy with classes and work it’s hard to find time to make a comforting and warm meal during chilly nights.  There are even crock pot soup recipes that you can heat up while you’re gone all day! Get the recipes here!

Roasted Seasonal Veggies

Some of the best vegetables are in season during the fall.  Making these roasted veggies are as simple as can be and become a hearty and comforting side dish to any meal.  They’re even great cold on a salad for leftovers the next day! This recipe will make you feel warm and cozy all of the fall season. 

Pasta Bakes

There’s something so comforting about using the oven on a cool and windy day.  Pasta bakes are no exception to this fact.  One of the greatest things about making a pasta dish in the oven is the amount of food you get out of it! This is a great dish to make if you’re into meal prepping, or you can bring it to your next Friendsgiving and share with all of your friends! Some of these recipes are easy as can be, but feel free to play chef for a day and try some more complicated ones!

 Easy Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip

Okay, it’s a pretty fair assumption to say that nearly everyone LOVES buffalo chicken dip.  It’s a great combination of cheeses with a little kick.  There’s nothing better than watching football on Sundays with some hot buffalo chicken dip.  While some recipes take a little more time and energy this crock pot buffalo chicken dip recipe leaves you with little work to do.  

 Vamp Up Your Grilled Cheese

Since you’ll be making a delicious and warm soup, you might as well make a grilled cheese to go with it! However, a plain grilled cheese can get a little old and boring after a while.  Instead, vamp it up to match your fall soup! Once you start using these mouth-watering recipes it’ll be grilled cheese every night!

Desserts are a Girl’s Best Friend

Of course, you have to end your night with something sweet! Whether you’re into pumpkin spice, apple crisp or chocolate and caramel, any of these amazing dessert recipes will be perfect for curling up and watching some of your fall favorites. 

If you’re into hardcore meal prepping or trying to think of a dish to bring to Friendsgiving these are some great and easy recipes to enjoy all season long! If you’re feelin’ fall, take a second to look at some of HC Pitt’s Pinterest to get even more fall inspirations!

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