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Definitive Ranking of Dunkin’ Donuts Ice Coffee Flavors

I would say about 70% of my friends are avid coffee drinkers, and I myself have been guzzling greatness since I was twelve. While my affinity began (as many coffee-lovers may agree) with the Frappuccino, I converted to Dunkin’ Donuts in high school. My local branch knew my weekly order by name, and when I came to Pitt I held a job at the branch on campus for about four months. Even now, I’m drinking my water out of an iced coffee cup leftover from this morning’s brew. Because of my great love for Dunkin’ and my intense (if not a little abusive) addiction for their iced coffees, I have gone to the effort of ranking the available iced coffee flavors of the last few years. 

First, we must address the faithful chorus of our Dunkin selection. These options are the staple of any good combination, but can hold their own just as well.

Sweet, sweet caramel comes in at number one for its popularity and its perfect combination of sweetness and flavor.

Second, rich, smooth mocha.

Well-rounded hazelnut, which is routinely forgotten on despite its many merits.

Then, the classic French vanilla.

Next up, coconut, which is really good when combined with caramel or mocha but iffy on its own.

Meh, toasted almond. This one is probably the worst.




Nasty blueberry (which I have at least heard of as being a seasonal option in some midwestern communities) is up next.

Rancid raspberry, which is just plain eww, rounds up the flavor rankings.


As for the seasonal selection, we can see Dunkin provides a lot more variety. But with great decisions comes great responsibility….

Heath Bar which is essentially toffee mocha, and is just so, so good.

Next up is Butter Pecan which is a #classic.

Peppermint Mocha is up there as well: the only true Christmas miracle.

Almond Joy was a limited edition summer flavor that went away far too soon.


Salted Caramel is often just a little too salty in my opinion.

I’m sure S’mores would be higher on the list if they captured the toasted marshmallow flavor better.

Oreo, which is just Mocha’s super sweet cousin, is next. It doesn’t quite live up to its namesake.

Pistachio, which I only ever had the opportunity to try once, has held up decently in my memory with time.

Pumpkin Spice does not have enough pumpkin flavor and just ungodly amounts of spice.


Maple Pecan is an obnoxiously sweet version of the Butter Pecan we all know and love.

Creme Brûlée fell short of flavor by a long shot.

Candy Cane is far too sweet and not quite minty enough to contend against the almighty Peppermint Mocha.


Cookie Dough only lands so low on this because it was an opportunity squandered. With such great hype, we all wished for more.

Fudge Brownie & Vanilla Cupcake were far too sweet for any credit.

Peach because, again, fruit does not belong in coffee.


So there you have it! A definitive ranking of Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee flavors, sorted by availability of product. And now you know far too much about Dunkin and my personal obsession with their iced coffee selection.

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