December Finals As Told By Bob’s Burgers

It’s that bittersweet time of the year: Christmas is just around the corner but, before we can eat all the ham and mashed potatoes and apple pie and gingerbread cookies we want, we have to get through the dreaded fall semester finals.

Here is what the Belcher family, et al. think about Finals Season:


That beautifully oblivious time before the stress of finals start up:

When you’re sitting in your last class before finals but you’d rather be in the library studying:

Pretending you have Christmas spirit at the beginning of December, when you’re really too stressed about finals to care about anything else:

Speaking to non-college students about pre-Christmas excitement:

When your professor says you can turn in any story you want as your Fiction Writing final:

When your floormates don’t abide by the quiet hours rules:

When even the smallest things make you angry (I’m looking at you, Girl in My Hall Who Laughs Like a Hyena):

The level of #fashion you’re willing to go to during finals:

Trying to make yourself presentable when you haven’t showered in four days:

Sitting through final presentations:

Walking into an exam:

When you realize you don’t know anything you’re being tested on:

When you complain about finals to your parents over the phone:

When you leave a fifteen-page paper for the night before it’s due:

What everyone thinks about you when you’re hyped on way too much caffeine: 


When you have been awake for far too long:

What your friends ask after you’ve spent 12+ hours in the library:

When you have an exam on the last day of finals week:

When you turn in your last paper:

Post-finals-stress snacking:

Getting sloshed after finals are over because #Christmas:

Coming home to your family:

Happy holidays and good luck on finals!


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