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David Bowen Senior at Pitt

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

This week’s Campus Cutie is senior, David Bowen!
  Age: 21
Hometown: York, Pa
Sign: Pieces
Major/Minors: Linguistics with a bit of Anthropology
David is a campus cutie because not only is he one of the nicest Panther’s around, he exemplifies the diversity of our campus. From being a founding member of UNICEF, to being a hurling player, to playing the bagpipes, even to speaking Irish—David does it all!

Getting to know David:
Major/Minors: Linguistics with a bit of Anthropology
Favorite thing to do at Pitt: Hanging out with friends and classmates is always a good choice.
Favorite Pitt Sports team: the football team but the bball team is a close second
Activities you are involved in: in the past I’ve been involved in Jumpstart, Yinzling (the undergraduate linguistics club), intramural volleyball, and Mesas de Conversación (a Spanish club program). This semester I hope to get involved with ASL club, the Talk to Me campaign, and UNICEF at Pitt.
First Thing you notice about a girl: Definitely her eyes. I feel like you can tell a lot about her mood and personality by looking in their eyes. Looking into a girl’s eyes is like looking through a window I think.
So David, dream date? Spill: oddly enough, my dream date actually happened to me a few weeks ago:
I had never been on a date before with somebody I didn’t know at all, so I was very interested and nervous about how it was going to go. We went to Sushi Boat and had some really great conversation about just about every subject possible. I loved the awkward silences we had too because it made the date feel more natural and the conversation not forced. We went to Dave and Andy’s afterwards and then sat on the Schenley Plaza grass while we ate. Then we watched the stars together and talked about life and such. At the end, I walked her home. That date was a bit awkward, romantic, and a lot of fun; I loved it. Thank you so much, Leah!
Fun fact/interesting/weird fact: The word “Mamihlapinatapai” in the Yagán language from Tierro Del Fuego, Chilé describes “a look shared by two people with each wishing that the other will initiate something that they both desire but which neither one wants to start.” Awesome.
Favorite thing about Pitt women/HerCampus readers!: I’ve found Pitt women, for the most part, to be really nice and easy to get along with.

Derilyn Devlin graduates from Pitt in April 2012. She is excited to leave the University of Pittburgh Her Campus to Mandy Velez and Claire Peltier as the new campus correspondents.