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Cute Ways to Wear Combat Boots

Can you smell the pumpkin spice in the crisp air? Can you feel the cool presence of winter lurking in the sunset? Can you hear leaves crunching under your stylish, Fashionista combat boots? Then it must be Fall! And per usual, new fashion trends are displayed each Fall season. This year, make the most out of your combat boots or spice up your wardrobe with these fashion statements.

90’s Kid Grunge

Whether you miss the attitude of Debbie Thornberry, Ashley Spinelli, Kelly Kapowski or were simply born in the 90’s, this style will perfectly showcase your generation all while making the statement that you are a bad ass bitch. To create the look: black boots, eyeliner, crazy hair, and denim.

Patterned or Flow Dress

Dresses are amazing inventions. You mean women can dress cute and lazy at the same time? Of course we can. Embrace your patterned or flow dress and rock it with boots in any color.


Iconic Hipster

Their style could not be aggregated down to fit on this list. #toocoolforyou


City Kid

Whether you grew up in a city, or currently study in one, this style is constantly evolving. This week: leather. Next week: scarves. Keep up with your classmates trends or formulate your own! To create the look: skirt, jeans or leggings with a sweater, blouse or button down.



Are they warning us of danger, or posing for the aesthetic? Who knows. Anyone can pull off this disheveled, low maintenance look by sporting a leather jacket – go cruelty free! – and some ripped jeans. If you are extra spicy with a Q, add some black lipstick.


Pants. Sweater. Collared blouse. This style is suitable for the office and the catwalk. Simple for anyone to wear with a nice button down and combat boots. If you are feeling extra fierce, try a combat boot with a heel.


The Poser

I’m a girl who would literally die for pumpkin spice. I’m très chic. Definitely did not find this style on Pinterest then flaunt my idolized façade. #doitforthesnap To create the look: forget combat boots, UGG boots or Vineyard Vines all the way.


There are certainly more styles out there and plenty of boots! Mix it up this season and experiment with your closet. All in all, dress how you want to. This world needs you and no one else! Unless you can be 90’s kid, then always be a 90’s kid.



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Thanks for reading. Corrine is majoring in Neuroscience, minoring in Chemistry and French, and pursuing a Sustainability Certificate.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, exploring, playing with her dog (Barles Charkley), sharks, volunteering, music, memes, and lasagne.
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