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[Cooking With Mike] Breakfast in Bed for Your Guy

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Breakfast: the most important meal of the day and arguably the most intimate.  Who isn’t turned on by the thought of his or her guy serving up steaming piles of pancakes in nothing but boxers? (Or briefs, if you’re into that kind of thing.)  


It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about boyfriends or one-night stands here -an evening of non-stop romance segues perfectly into flirty banter at the breakfast table.  But oftentimes we worry that cooking breakfast for a guy we barely know will send the wrong message: either he’ll think you’re asking him to settle down and have kids, or he’ll assume you’re just cooking for him because you feel obligated to feed him after that wild and exhausting night the two of you shared.  


The truth?  Making breakfast for your guy – regardless of whether or not you plan on seeing him again after this morning – is just plain polite, and it saves you having to lie to him about “somewhere important you have to be” in an attempt to get him out of the apartment.


And sure, maybe you really do have morning plans, in which case asking your guy to find his own food isn’t a pure crime.  But, if you’ve got the time to spare then I’d definitely suggest making yourself decent (or not) and whipping up something scrumptious.


And remember, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or time-consuming.  After all, you’re not trying to impress the guy.  (That’s what last night was for.)  You just want to thank him for a fun evening together and show him that you’re classy and thoughtful enough to serve your man breakfast.  


Pancakes and eggs are great options – they’re fast and impossible to mess up, especially if you use a boxed mix for the pancakes, like Bisquick.  Granola and yogurt with fresh fruit is another easy idea.  Just slice up whatever you happen to have on hand (apples, a handful of mixed berries, or an almond-raisin combo) and layer it all together.  


Now all that’s left is to brew up some coffee, pour the orange juice, and settle down to a nice meal with your man.  What you guys do after breakfast is up to you.   

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