A Classy Escape: 3 Tricks to an Easy Morning After

Ever been in one of those situations where all you can do is think about where and when the quickest escape route is? The only thing running through your mind is “WHY did I think this was a good idea last night?” Most of us have, and as soon as we see an unfamiliar (or maybe an all too familiar) pair of boxers roll out of bed and walk towards the bathroom, we want to curl up into the smallest knot and transport ourselves across campus back to our own beds. And as the thoughts race through our minds about what actions took place just a few hours earlier, the awkwardness ensues. Okay so, stop, pause, and think about these next few tips on how to not only leave gracefully but also leave a lasting, not awkward impression that will have him craving for more.

1.Set an alarm…if you remember

In the heat of the moment, you may not remember to set your alarm. However, there is a period between the time you leave the bar and the time you hit the sheets. Set an alarm! It doesn’t have to be super early, and try not to set it for anything past 10am or many others will see what you decided to wear the night before. Setting an alarm will show your hook up that you have somewhere to be. This is an easy, if not the easiest way to get out quickly. Where you are going and what you are doing with your day is up to you; lunch with a friend or a group project work great, but just make sure your guy can’t catch you in this lie! The truth is, if you think it is awkward, he very well may think it is, too, and would probably be happy with your abrupt exit.


I may not have had many one-night stands but I do know one thing: silence is always awkward. Try to make small talk, long talk, any kind of talk – that will not only make you feel more comfortable, but also your bed buddy. No need to go into politics or religion, but as you are casually getting out of bed, ask him if he had fun at the bar last night or if he is going out that night. This will steer the conversation away from nothingness and also engage in meaningless but normal conversation. If your hook up is really into you, maybe these questions will lead him to ask for your number or to hang out later. One thing is for sure – don’t set your sights on this happening; it is just one possibility of what could come from morning banter.

3.Remember all of your clothes

This is the most important tip of all. We have heard the horror stories of thongs being nailed to the wall or hung from a chandelier. In fact, being in college for almost three years now, I have even seen one of these underwear trees in an apartment full of boys. So, before you get up, think about last night before you went out. What did you put on, what jewelry did you take out with you, and did you have a bag? If your guy offers you clothes to walk home in, gladly take them, but don’t leave your own strewn across his bedroom floor. He probably won’t appreciate having to pick up after someone who is not his girlfriend and you will save yourself a few minutes of embarrassment the next time you run into his friends or are at his place for a party.

There you have it – 3 quick and easy tips to get yourself up and out of an awkward situation fast, but also as the poised and classy women we have all been taught to be!


First photo: kikiandtea.com

Second photo: http://jeremyberg.wordpress.com/2009/11/02/alarm-clock-10-gods-alarm-clocks/

Third photo: www.funnypicture.in