Cheers, We Made It Through Finals Week! Enjoy 5 Wine Cocktail Recipes to Celebrate

The spring semester is over and we successfully survived remote finals! While we can't celebrate with friends at Hems or a party, we can still have a little bit of fun with family. Now some of our out-of-state Panthers may be lucky enough to have liquor stores open but us PA folks are limited to beers and wines in the grocery stores and local distributors. So, here are some fun wine-based cocktails to celebrate the kickoff of summer!

  1. 1. Iced Tea Sangria

    Ingredients: White wine, black tea, lemon, lime, strawberries

  2. 2. Red Wine Berry Spritzer

    Ingredients: Red wine, mixed berry La Croix, frozen berries

  3. 3. Pineapple Wine Punch

    Ingredients: Moscato wine, pineapple juice, orange juice, lemon-lime soda, fresh pineapple

  4. 4. Frosé Slushie

    Ingredients: Rosé, frozen watermelon, frozen strawberries

  5. 5. Peach Bellini

    Ingredients: Prosecco, peaches, honey