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Cheap Concerts To Catch In Pittsburgh This Semester

I am a HUGE concert goer and am constantly looking for great new bands to see! That being said, I never want to spend more than $40 on a ticket. If you are in the Pittsburgh area and are looking for a good show to go to that won’t break the bank, then look no further! The following is a list of artists appearing in Pittsburgh this semester for $40 or less.

Thrival Festival: Wiz Khalifa, Two Door Cinema Club, Logic, GRiZ, etc.

This two day event (9/29-9/30) will cost you either $40 for one day, or $80 for both days. Given the entertainment there, this is a steal. Check out “Undercover Martyn” by Two Door Cinema Club in preparation and get ready for a good time!

Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder is a lesser known artist with two spectacular albums. I had the pleasure of catching Oh Wonder’s set at Firefly in 2016 and it was one of my favorites! Definitely worth the $22 to head to Mr. Smalls Theatre on 9/30.

Judah and the Lion

Any Philly people HAVE to know Judah and the Lion, given Radio 104.5 plays them 24/7! One of the many great artists making an appearance at Mr. Smalls this semester. Tickets are only $22 to see them 10/4.

Rise Against, Pierce the Veil, and White Lunch

The thought of seeing “Savior” live has me way too hype. If you are looking for something a little harder than everything else on this list, get to this show. $40 for general admission at Stage AE on 10/5.



COIN might have been here for Fall Fest in 2015, but they’ve released some quality jams since their last visit to Pittsburgh. If you are looking for a cheap, quality show then this is for you. Catch them at the Rex on 10/5 for only $17.



If you are looking for an EDM show, Tiesto might be the one for you! If you want to hear a cool remix, check out Tiesto’s version of “Send Them Off!” by Bastille. It might even be better than the original – which is amazing on its own. Tickets for Tiesto are $35 to see them at 31st Street Studios on 10/6.

The National – $40 GA at Stage AE – 10/7

The National is super chill. If you’ve never heard them, give “Nobody Else Will Be There” a listen. Find them at Stage AE on 10/7 for $40!


Metro Station

My inner middle schooler is BEYOND HYPE to see Metro Station this October. Metro Station, of “Shake It” and “Kelsey” fame, is sure to be worth the $17 tickets to catch them at Diesel Club Lounge on 10/10. If their music isn’t enough of a selling point, the band is made up of two former Disney stars’ siblings!

David Archuleta

Speaking of throwbacks… Does anyone remember David Archuleta from American Idol?! This precious little soul will be at Club Café for $25 on 10/26. Watch out – this show is only 21+.


The Struts

I also saw these stars at Firefly in 2015. If you are looking for a cheap show with real personality and classic rock roots, The Struts are the group for you. Tickets are only $20 for general admission at Mr. Smalls Theatre. See them 11/4!



High school me would have loved to see “Thrift Shop” live.. Now it can be a reality! Head over to Stage AE 11/7 see Macklemore for $36.

Hoodie Allen

If you are a senior at Pitt, then chances are you saw Hoodie Allen at Fall Fest freshman year! If you did, you would know Hoodie is not only super sweet, but a great time. I even got a picture with him! If you like his music you definitely won’t regret getting a $25 ticket to see him at Stage AE 11/17.

This is obviously not an exclusive list of all the acts appearing in Pittsburgh over the next few months – just a few highlights. If you are interested in seeing a show for very little money, check out Mr. Smalls Theatre and the Rex Theatre. Both venues tend to have smaller shows with cheaper ticket prices.

Happy concert going!



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