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Charlie Linaris ’11

Girls – if you love a guy with a great sense of humor and undeniable swagger, than please meet Charlie Linares.  Charlie is an extremely smart man with a future of success so grab a hold of this one before he gets away!  I sat down with an interview with Charlie and immediately he began joking around and making me laugh.  So get to know Charlie and enjoy the entertaining read!
Me:  Okay Charlie I am going to ask a few questions to get to know you.  We will get the general ones out of the way first before I really dig deep at ya.  So, when is your birthday?
Charlie:  January 28th, 1989
Me:  What’s your major?
Charlie:  (sits up straight and acts prestigious)  Actually… I am a double major.  I minor in theater arts and I major in political science and history.
Me:  Wow!  Smarty pants!  What do you want to do with all of that?
Charlie:  I plan to go to law school.
Me:  Okay, well, if you could have three really materialistic things that you do not have, what would they be?
Charlie:  (immediately responds) A G6.  And uhhhh, an NFL Franchise.  Can I save my third one for later?
Me: Haha, yes.  If you had a motto for your life what would it be?
Charlie:  (strokes chin)  Just Do It.  Nike.
Me:  Tell me some of your hobbies and interests.
Charlie:  I like to chill with my homies.  I like doin my thing.  I play pick up basketball games.  Nothing serious…but I am like Kobe on the court.    
Me:  Charlie, describe your dream girl for me.
Charlie:  Phew, ok.  She has to be big in sports.  Preferably NY teams.  Or maybe all of the teams I hate so I can have a good time making fun of her.  Good cook.  A kind caring person.  And very hot.
Me:  Describe your idea of the best date.
Charlie:  My ultimate date?  Ok.  A candle light dinner.  Make sure you include candle lights.  At a fancy restaurant – maybe Italian, Chinese, or latin food.  Then a Knicks basketball game and end it with a walk on the beach.
Me:  Sounds amazing.  What is the first thing that attracts you to a girl?
Charlie:  (without hesitation)  Smile
Me:  Okay Charlie, last one.  What is the best memory of yours from Pitt?
Charlie:  I actually hated the whole experience…….(laughs) No, uhm, so many.  So many good times.  Probably the time I saved all of those puppies from the burning building.
Me: (laughing) Oh yeah?  What kind of puppies were they?
Charlie:  Golden retrievers.  Beautiful golden retrievers.  With big eyes.
Well, ladies.  As you can tell, Charlie is quite a character – funny and charming.  He knows how to hold a good conversation and make a girl laugh.  Plus, he is a double major with plans of law school!  What more could you ask for?   

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